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gabriel9is there a way to see  source code from twitter app for n9?01:04
gabriel9or just qml01:05
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wmaroneprobably only QML01:14
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gabriel9i think so also01:26
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PaliSupport for n9/n950 in 0xFFFF (open source flasher) is comming, look:
M4rtinKPali: good job ! :)01:53
M4rtinKIIRC, there have been a lot of reports about problems with the official flasher01:53
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PaliM4rtinK, not by me, but from one kernel developer (ex-nokian)01:53
M4rtinKoh :)01:54
PaliM4rtinK, more problems with harmattan flasher are in X-Loader & NOLO = which cannot be fixed01:54
Palithis is because that secure chain by signatures01:55
M4rtinKthat's on-device, isn't it ? :)01:56
PaliNOLO is server application for flasher01:56
Paliand if NOLO decide to fail, you cannot fix it in flasher01:56
M4rtinKBTW, this years OpenMobility will by in Bratislava at the beginning of April01:57
M4rtinKI'll be there & most of the other OM people too :)01:58
M4rtinKwhat about you ? :)01:58
PaliM4rtinK, ok, I will try to find time to travel :-)02:00
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M4rtinKPali: cool, looking forward to meeting you there :)02:00
M4rtinKagain :)02:01
PaliM4rtinK, do you know date?02:02
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M4rtinK"This year will be conference at 6th and 7th of April in Bratislava, Slovakia."02:04
M4rtinKthis should be the conference website:
M4rtinKnot fully up-to-date yet though :)02:04
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parasemicwhat's wrong with my N9, as im trying to install an application though terminal, but after using the apt-get, the terminal asks if i want to continue, and typing Y still aborts the installtion15:33
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Oni^try small y15:38
parasemicdid try15:39
parasemicno luck15:39
Jonnipress enter to accept default value15:39
parasemicok, seems to work without any value15:40
parasemicmaybe a but with the language pack (fnnish)15:40
Jonniyeah with finnish language pack you need to press k or enter15:41
Jonnienter is just easiest15:41
PaliJonni, did you looked at 0xFFFF flasher :-) ?15:42
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JonniPali: sorry havent had any free time lately15:44
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Creteilhi all17:40
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CreteilI have 2 nokia N9, on the second one, the gps icon constantly blinking, without any gps related application running ...17:40
TronicWould lsof show which app is using the GPS?17:42
Creteilthe only application that can use the gps in the background was "Locate!"17:42
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TronicWould that happen if the network issued RRLP request?17:43
CreteilTronic, RRLP ???17:44
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CreteilTronic, what is the name of the GPS device on the N917:45
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