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sqrt7744Just wondering how detect a switch from portrait to landscape and vice-versa in QML?15:01
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sqrt7744I put in the StackStackWindow onRotationChanged, but it isn't firing. I also tried onOrientationChangedFinished but that doesn't work either.15:02
sqrt7744<- PageStackWindow15:02
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trxuse Connections in PageStackWindow to listen for onOrientationChangeFinished15:31
trxwith window as target15:31
trxthen if height > width = Portrait and vise versa15:31
sqrt7744ah, ok, will try, thanks15:32
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sqrt7744trx, this ought to work in the simulator, right? Because it isn't firing ...
trxit ought not15:40
trxtarget must be window15:40
trxtarget : window;15:40
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trx(window is a global var already defined in QML)15:42
sqrt7744trx ok, didn't know that  :-)15:42
sqrt7744"ReferenceError: Can't find variable: window"15:43
trxlet me check the code15:43
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sqrt7744I wonder if it's a simulator issue, I'll deploy it to device and see if that helps. It never has before, but what the heck.15:45
trxsqrt7744 what are the imports in that qml file?15:48
sqrt7744.... import QtQuick 1.115:49
sqrt7744import 1.115:49
sqrt7744import 1.115:49
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trxmy Connections is placed in Page element, thats the only difference15:50
sqrt7744i'll try that15:51
sqrt7744ok, for future reference, it works on device, not in simulator :-)15:54
sqrt7744that's pretty idiotic, but whatever.15:54
sqrt7744(doesn't have to be in Page element, i deployed the first version)15:55
sqrt7744trx well actually, just onOrientationChangedFinished in the PageStackWindow fired15:57
sqrt7744i have no idea what is going on, but I'll roll with it.15:57
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trxyeah, onOrientationChangedFinished is an inherited event from Window16:01
trxand PageStackWindow is a Window16:02
trxsimulator just went crazy :)16:02
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valdur55RzR: hey! I can't download your ubuntu rootfs17:34
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valdur55My error: 2013-02-15 17:48:29.871522 ERROR - CUID#6 - Download aborted. URI=
valdur55Exception: [] errorCode=1 URI=
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heymasterlibusb library for harmattan suitable just for internal devices and there's no otg support ?19:35
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valdur55RzR: ping22:16
valdur55Can you share your ubuntu rootfs ?22:20
valdur55Your is giving a error22:22
valdur55Because is down :) (Connection refused)22:24
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rashm2khow can I create a datamodel within QML?22:26
rashm2ki want to create a navigation control exactly like the settings on the bb1022:26
RzRvaldur55, upgraded router :)22:29
RzRvaldur55, try again please22:32
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rashm2kIm starting to really like the container layout22:36
rashm2kbuilding guis is so quick once you get used to it22:36
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valdur55RzR: yep. Downloading22:50
valdur55RzR: and finished22:58
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valdur55damn.. i got orrer:
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valdur55i ah using unp because tar is giving also error : Empty archive23:23
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valdur55oh, tar jxvf is correcc combo23:31
valdur55RzR: same issue, i can't extract this rootfs.tar.bzr223:34
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