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nanderjonni - how does that work?00:18
Jonninander: search for acmcli in tmo forum00:20
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nanderSorry, I just bought my N9 today00:21
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sqrt7744is anyone here familiar here with Qml ListView? I have run into an unusual problem and can't come up with an easy solution. Basically, the ListView uses a QML delegate to display some information from an abstractListModel defined in C++. The delegate uses roleNames to get the data. Works fine. But now I'd like to change what roles I retrieve for the ListView during runtime.00:25
nanderI get permission denied00:28
nanderI am in devel-su00:28
nanderI use acmcli -p ssl-ca -a *.crt00:28
nanderEhm, I found out I don't need the certificate, but it should work if I use NO phase 2 authentication00:30
nanderIt works on my android phone in that setting00:30
nanderIs it possible to set up wifi with ttls, but without phase 2 authentication?00:31
nanderthe menu only shows gtc, eap mschapv2, mschapv2, pap00:32
rashm2kstupid stuid sti[ud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:33
rashm2kthe reason why it was lookin in /opt/meebay/lib was because i had set the config file for Nokia N9 and changed it for BB10 - but ALL of the options!00:35
bef0rdsqrt7744: what do you need about it? I've used listview already00:35
nanderwell, maybe the problem just is that the certificate isn't activated for wifi?00:41
nanderIt is shown in the root certificate list00:41
nanderhow do I look up the settings of a root certificate?00:42
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sqrt7744bef0rd, I figured it out, I just wanted to be able to change the contents of the listview, i.e. what roles are being called from the model, based on program input00:48
sqrt7744i just included a couple Text elements in the delegate, and only set visible the one that matches the criteria. Not sure if its the most efficient way, but it works  :-)00:49
sqrt7744bef0rd, which brings me to my next problem, is there a way to set a Page to the top?00:59
bef0rdsqrt7744: scroll the listview to the top?01:00
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sqrt7744ah, not it's in a flickable thingymerbobber. I just read about contentY, I'll try that.01:01
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bef0rdsqrt7744: maybe that one will work too01:23
sqrt7744well hopefully because contentY doesn't :-)  ...thanks!01:23
rashm2kI had this slight issue01:23
rashm2kwhat I did was add a new method that called the data method passing index and a string containing the role01:24
rashm2kthe role in my case was an xpath expressiion01:25
rashm2ki'm sure you can use something similar01:25
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arvuthi, what do I do if I forgot my devel-su pw? I know I wrote it down on a piece of paper the day I changed it but can't find that paper anymore.. will a complete reflash set it back to rootme?01:54
arvutor must I send it to nokia HQ?01:54
arvutI really need root access on my phone again. can't live without it.01:55
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bef0rdreflash will reset it02:03
bef0rdbut maybe there is an easier way, check tmo02:03
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arvutbef0rd: alright. a reflash is no biggie. I only installed fingerterm and internet radio so far. had the phone for roughly 2 months now. is the reflasher on nokias devpage for harmattan?03:36
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arvutwhere can I download the flasher for n9? the doesn't work.05:18
bluefoxdo you need the windows one?05:20
arvutI could go with linux one too. as I have an ongoing gentoo install on this machine and a ubuntu laptop I rarely use05:22
arvutcool, thx05:22
bluefoxno problem05:23
arvutis that your site btw?05:24
bluefoxyeah, i just uploaded it05:24
arvutcan you also upload the linux flasher?05:24
bluefoxdon't have that one unfortunately05:24
arvutknow anyone who does?05:25
arvutbtw, why doesn't nokia supply these?05:25
bluefoxthey used to...their meego support isn't the best unfortunately05:26
bluefoxas for anyone else that has it, i unfortunately can't say i know anyone05:26
arvutI see..05:26
arvutits a grand phone. just wish I had a n950 too. the touchkeyboard isnt my preferable way of typing05:27
bluefoxswype is pretty good, but for terminal work, i much preferred the keyboard on my N95005:28
arvutbluefox: lucky bastard to have one of these :P I saw one go for 2000 euro on ebay last summer. lost hope of getting my hands on one back then05:32
bluefoxnot as lucky as you died about 10 days ago :(05:32
arvutbluefox: I like the keyboard on my n900 a lot more than the vkb. but I'm learning05:32
arvutohh :(05:32
arvuthow did it die?05:32
bluefoxno reason really...completely random while it was in my pocket05:33
bluefoxi had an N900 for a while, but i could never get used to the spacebar being on the side05:33
arvutbuilt in autodestruction maybe? I know some old ipods had a built in autodestruct05:34
bluefoxdon't think that's likely to be honest05:35
bluefoxit still has a few signs of life, but won't power on (power LED comes on depending on what i do)05:35
arvutthat sounds tragic. guess nokia won't repair it either huh?05:36
arvutor even send you a new one05:36
bluefoxunfortunately no, but even if they were, i'm not the original owner05:36
bluefoxyeah, got lucky on ebay...which is somewhat frowned upon, but how else to get one05:36
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arvutI get ERROR: Erase not supported. Use APE flashing algorithm. when trying to flash with --erase-user-data=secure option in flasher.. why is this?06:46
Jonniarvut: maybe you forgot to -a <firmwareimage> in your command07:22
arvutJonni: and thats the .bin file, right?07:26
Jonniarvut: yes07:26
arvutDo I need to include the firmware-image in both the -F command and -a command?07:26
Jonniand linux flashers are avail here:       with -F you dont need to include -a07:27
arvutbut with -F and --erase-user-data=secure?07:27
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Jonniyes, but you need to have main firmware as -F parameter, emmc image is not enough07:29
arvutI suppose thats the DFL_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3.339.2_PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM_696_PRD_signed.bin image then?07:32
Jonniwell yes if you are using that variant, personally I just use 001 version always.07:33
arvutmaybe thats better. I haven't done this on the n9 before. only reflashed my n900 once07:33
arvutand that was under linux07:33
Jonni   if you just follow that one then you should be ok07:36
arvutthats where I'm at07:37
arvutI don't get the PATH="" stuff tho. it doesn't complain in cmd but I have to cd to the directory where flasher.exe is at and run that instead of the flasher command07:38
arvutI just copied the images to the flasher dir instead07:39
arvutJonni: should I do both the "flasher -f -F main.bin" and "flasher -f -F main.bin -F emmc.bin --flash-only=mmc" command?08:25
Jonniarvut: no, you should just do it in one command like:  "flasher -f -F main.bin -F emmc.bin"08:31
ZogG_laptopJonni: morning :)08:32
arvutI did the --erase part first08:32
arvutcan't hurt, can it?08:32
arvutit went with success anyway08:32
ZogG_laptopdon't think so08:32
Jonniarvut: you should just do it in one command like: "flasher -f -F main.bin -F emmc.bin --erase-user-data=secure", but yes you can erase before if you want to08:33
Jonniits just slower to do them in seperate commands when you can combine them all in one08:33
JonniZogG_laptop: morning08:33
arvutyeah, thats what I thought.. looked like doing it twice08:33
arvutJonni: thx for the help, and for that link. I downloaded the maemo flasher too, for future use =)08:40
arvutgonna install gentoo on my n900, so I might need it08:41
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phakodoes drive work reliably for you people? since recently it almost always gets stuck in a "recalculating route" loop13:49
Jonniyep works fine. recalc takes a lot of ram, so maybe you have multiple apps open and it fails there silenty13:52
phakohm, good point, have to check that next time14:12
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TronicDrive loading splash still hangs here until I task-switch out of it.15:24
mgedminseen that a lot15:25
TronicI haven't been able to figure out a fix but apparently complete reflash would help.15:25
TronicI am not willing to reflash, though.15:25
mgedminI got used to task-switching out and back15:26
Jonniplash screen hanging is usually fixed by changing the language in drive and then switching back to orig lang15:28
Jonni(on some combinations your drive is missing some default language and it hangs there if you dont do that trick)15:29
mgedminI'll have to try15:31
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mgedminby "language" do you mean "navigation voice"?15:34
mgedminJonni: ^15:34
TronicJonni: Tried that (several variations of), with no luck. Also tried removing files of Drive (apparently missed some of them because it didn't help).15:36
Tronicmgedmin: Instructions somewhere mentioned system settings.15:37
Jonnimgedmin: nope, So the fix. Go to settings and change your language i.e from uk english to US english the phone will restart and drive will work but you still must download the proper language files in drive strings since they are still missing. after you download the voice files you can go back and reset the system language to your correct language and you are all set.15:38
mgedminoh, wow15:39
Jonniso not that easy to fix :)15:39
phakoespecially since languae change means tracker reindexing...15:40
TronicI just switched mine to US English, it rebooted, and Drive still won't start.15:44
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Jonniheh, then your device is screwed15:58
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TronicJonni: I figured as much.16:17
TronicI might stick to US English though.16:17
TronicSome apps haven't been properly localized, causing those !! placeholders to appear instead of translated strings.16:17
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bef0rdis there any fast way to bring back to life a fully discharged n9?17:12
leinirnot really fast, no, but i have found a usb3 port and patience works wonders17:12
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bef0rdfinally is back :)17:18
bef0rdbeen struggling with it for 1 hour at least :/ and I'm actually waiting for a phone call :P17:19
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bef0rdping itsnotabigtruck17:41
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Jonnibef0rd: well 1A charger works wonders, and if its totally dead, then removing display and giving power externally is the ultimate way :)17:43
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deramdoes anyone know if there exists charging leads inside n9, that don't need the usb data pins to be shorted to charge at full speed?17:47
deramI was thinking about retrofitting wireless charging addon inside n9 chassis, but the need for shorted usb datapins while charging on dumb charger is not so good for my plans..17:50
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Jonnideram: yes there are, you can see the charge pins on leaked schema18:00
deramJonni: nice, I will try to seek that schema, as I haven't seen it yet.18:02
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Jonnischema also shows serial console pins ;)18:02
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pawhere's schema? :)19:27
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Jonnipa: yes its really hard to use google and do "n9 schematics"19:39
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pawhat is NPM-9 firmwares for older nokia phones?19:44
paah, must be a model19:45
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idoonnonew to this20:16
myname24New N9 price became only 249$ what a price reduction from only 1 year and few month of release20:17
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myname24But a lumia 800 cost now 244$20:18
idoonnosome please tell me how to use this20:18
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idoonno#myname24 .20:25
idoonno hjj20:28
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dm8tbrplease hilight me or msg me if he comes back...20:30
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idoonnoanyone there20:46
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idoonnowc maxi20:46
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bef0rdthanks Jonni, I'm using the white charger that came with the N9 (its 1A I believe), still took a several tries of plug-in/turn on button for it to be alive again :/20:52
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pawell no surprise n9 costs little21:32
pathe hardware the others are selling is 2 generations ahead21:32
pafor about the same price21:32
paadd that it is a dead platform21:33
pai'd be surprised if it is still produced in china21:33
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mhoye"n9 costs so little", I believe I will be needing a URL for that.23:33
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thphas anyone found out how to make QML Audio resume after it's paused by an incoming call?23:35
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