IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2013-02-04

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linuxman44wtf is dis channel all about?02:08
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emanAnyone know if there are any tools that can create vcards out of the tracker backup sqllite file?13:54
emanMy N950 died and I am trying to get my contacts into a new phone..13:55
rzrmobdied how?13:55
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emanrzrmob: One day couldn't send a SMS. Rebooted it, then got device not functioning properly message. I tried the MALF recovery procedure and got the kernel/initrd flashed. Had a USB error after the flash so couldn't mount data. The device ran out of battery and no longer charges.13:57
emanSo I'm left with a 1 year old backup (bad me) which only backed up the contents as a tracker sql dump13:58
emanwhich is totally useless for importing into Android13:58
eman(unless I waste an hour+ writing a python script to convert into vcards)13:59
rzrmobunless you get rid of android14:00
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juicemeHurrian, ping14:40
Hurrianjuiceme, pong14:40
juicemeFinally multiboot works :)14:41
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juicemeAnd I did'nt have to patch it to hardboot kexec()14:41
Hurrianjuiceme, ooh! What kernel runs Harmattan?14:41
Hurrianoh, and how'd you get it to work? Nemo kernel booting Harmattan?14:42
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juicemeTried it with Nitdroid kernel, own patched with the l3-cache mod, and the backported Nemo->Harmattan kernel14:42
juicemeI tried the hardboot kexec mod, but it is quite much tied to Tegra HW, being patch for Nexus714:43
HurrianHmm, so the harmattan kernel simply really doesn't like kexec?14:43
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HurrianThat's interesting. Does vibrator work?14:44
juicemeWell yes, actually did not try with pure-vanilla Harmattan kernel14:44
Hurrian(oh wow, that came out quite wrong.)14:44
juicemeBut I have hunch it should work with that also...14:44
HurrianAh. Well, if it boots Harmattan and receives calls, I'm eager to work on it.14:45
juicemeaa vibrator :) Well it does not yet work with the Nemo->Harmattan backport. But with other kernels, all works :)14:45
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juicemeTurned out I was doing it wrong all the time :(14:45
juicemeWasted so much time doing all kinds of workarounds14:46
HurrianSo, what was wrong with plain kexec()?14:46
juicemeThe problem was, I shut down the watchdog the wrong way before kexec()14:46
juicemeI feel so dumb14:47
HurrianCan't the watchdogs on the N9 stop safely when you send the proper sysfs entry to them though?14:47
juicemebut I failed to unmount sysfs14:47
HurrianI remember doing things on the N9 that didn't cause it to hard-reboot, unlike on the N900 where it'd immediately reboot on sensing the user did something stupid14:48
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juicemesee, when I started all this, I copied the scripts from MOSLO boot to start with14:48
juicemebut made mistake there14:48
juicemeNow I reviewed all the steps from start14:48
juicemeand found out I did the wrong stuff in the cleanup phase. Oh well, it's not all waste, Ive learned quite a lot while doing it :)14:49
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juicemeI'll have to clean up my scripts and make a tarball out of the stuff with some instructions on how to set it up now :)14:50
HurrianAh. Prepare for flood of n00bs from TMO trying to get it to work.14:51
juicemeoh no, I will make it a bit cryptic on purpose, not to spoon-feed people.14:51
juicemeI mean, this is pretty much stuff you need to know something about to work with it, just blindly following orders is not enough IMHO14:52
Hurrian"Developers only, don't touch if you don't know what this is"14:53
Hurrianjuiceme, g2g, I'll be watching for your thread on TMO ;)14:53
juicemebecause, there are so much variation from device to device, which OS'es do you want to boot, what kernel version, etc.etc.14:53
juiceme:) I mean :)14:54
HurrianOh, and are you using configuration files parsed by the script, or are you going to make users edit the script by themselves?14:54
HurrianThe latter will automatically exclude a large swath of l0sers.14:54
juicemeATM I have fixed config files, editable on your desire14:54
juicemeBut the idea of having a parser automatically producing some kind of menu layout is not bad14:55
Hurrianjuiceme: some sort of script sourced by the boot menu script, probably in the form of VARIABLE=data\n14:56
Hurrianand probably, with the touch points automatically made by arithmetic14:57
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juicemeYes. I have been thinking about that.15:00
juicemeHowever, aesthetically I like menu like this:
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juicemeThat is how my menu currently looks like :)15:03
juicemegottta run, to catch a train...15:04
juicemesee ya later :)(15:04
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nitrosalitrehi, i would like to create qt app for n9 where i can find tutorials?15:37
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JaffaAf'noon, all17:25
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