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sledgesthis did just fine on my issue:
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bluefox+1 N950 paperweight i think unless someone here has some insight into fixing mine :(05:16
bluefoxwas using it in the car to stream some stuff off spotify via bluetooth...go into the shops and when i get back to the car, it's dead05:17
bluefoxpower button does nothing05:17
bluefoxplugging it into a charger/computer does one of three things05:17
bluefoxmakes the power led blink once (most common), stay solid, or blink rapidly05:18
bluefoxtried pulling info off it through the command line flashing utility and it doesn't recognize it05:19
bluefoxpulling the battery hasn't helped either05:22
SpeedEvil:'(  I was about to suggest that05:22
bef0rdhow did it get into that state?05:24
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bef0rdfull discharge? wrong flashing?05:24
bluefoxusing it normally in my car to stream some music05:24
bluefoxput it in my pocket and went into the shops to buy some groceries05:24
bluefoxget back to the car and try to power it back on and dead as they come05:24
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bluefoxanything else you suggest trying? i'm not coming up with much05:27
SpeedEvilnexus 4 is in stock in USA,due05:29
bluefoxi have an N9 as well05:30
bluefoxwhich i could use in place...just would rather not give up quite yet as my most recent backup of the thing is 6 weeks old05:30
bluefoxthat and a dead N950 that i've only owned for 2 months05:31
bluefoxah well, at least if this doesn't work out someone can have a donor screen since those seem to go out the most05:33
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sledgesgood morthing12:13
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jake9xxis the osso-scratchbox anywhere available anymore?19:05
jake9xxok, what about harmattan sysroots then?19:06
thedead1440could you check that site and see if anything is missing and inform on what exactly more you need as for fremantle it seems everything is there already19:07
jake9xxthedead1440: well it seems to have enough to run sb2 but at least on naming I could not find harmattan target packages19:10
thedead1440jake9xx: ok we'll dig for it and if we have it add it on there19:13
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thedead1440jake9xx:  there you go ;) thank brkn for it20:06
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thedead1440actually just seeing it the real site is still up:
thedead1440if you go thru the installer found here: you would see it install scratchbox components that we have in and then gets the rootstraps from harm-dev which is still up so theoretically modifying this script just a little would be enough so you don't hammer skeiron for what is up by Nokia still :D20:09
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tehdelythese images of BB10 seem so... familiar22:54
tehdelyi am actually happy that some of the aesthetics of harmattan UI have found a new home22:54
tehdelybut i can't imagine myself switching22:54
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heymastertehdely: why don't want to switch ?23:00
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M4rtinKheymaster: well, it is not a net upgrade23:02
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M4rtinKsomethins is definitely better, something worse & the rest is missing :)23:02
tehdelyi am pretty well married to nokia at this point.  i used exclusively symbian from 2006-2012, harmattan since then23:03
tehdelynext phone will probably be a lumia23:03
tehdelyit's hard to let go of the maps, that is for sure..23:03
tehdelybut my desire has always been for a phone i can ssh into.  n9 is the first phone i've owned that i can do that23:03
tehdelyso perhaps a jolla device is my next23:03
tehdelythe ui does not look very polished though, and i wonder if they have partnered with anyone for maps...23:04
heymasteri have iphone 3g, ipod, two harmattan devices, symbian device. i can switch but money biggest problem :)23:04
heymasterbut it's OK for me to use N9 as main device i don't need upgrade23:05
heymasterfor me biggest problem to get motivation to develop something23:06
M4rtinKheymaster: happy users are the best motivation :)23:07
M4rtinKheymaster: and writing an application you will also use yourself23:08
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heymasteri don't use anything special.there are plenty apps for my tasks23:08
heymasterbut write useful apps would be nice23:09
heymasteractually i was very big apple fanboy with ipod. but like nokia too :)23:12
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heymasterat least for they harmattan work23:13
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heymasteri think is good for people to have alternatives. not just big company like apple. not much left "think different" these days. just another mainstream product.23:18
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deramno big company can keep the most innovative title for long time23:19
deramtoo much innovation at some point will start to alienate the biggest fans of the original product...23:20
heymasterapple just too big. they have >120B money in banks. which don't use them..23:20
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heymasterderam: just apple too much popular. every second smartphone in u.s. is iphone.23:26
heymasterand it's good to have european company which maks mobiles23:28
heymasteranything left besides nokia?23:28
M4rtinKfive guys in Germany making own open hardware mobile phones (GTA-04)23:30
heymasterheh :)23:30
deramhmm.. after sony took erickson, I think no europeans left...23:30
bluefoxvertu? ;-)23:30
M4rtinKit is rather developer oriented and not that usable for normal users :)23:30
deramvertu is/was nokias23:31
bluefoxi know23:31
M4rtinKspec-wise it is between N900 & N923:31
deramcan't remember if that was sold to someone...23:31
bluefoxyeah, nokia got rid of it23:32
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