IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2013-01-27

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tortoisedocanyone knows if sfdisk  can make root writable?01:12
tortoisedoc(i know this is a silly question :) )01:13
tortoisedoc(if this is a question that is not meant to be asked here, I also apologize)01:14
tortoisedoci got my head wrapped up in that freaking XOrg log01:16
tortoisedocso I am finding myself wasting my excellent sat eve trying to get rid of it01:17
tortoisedocbtw, sfdisk -l gives me01:17
tortoisedocDisk /dev/dm-0: 0 cylinders, 0 heads, 0 sectors/track  sfdisk: ERROR: sector 0 does not have an msdos signature  /dev/dm-0: unrecognized partition table type01:17
tortoisedocwonder if that is ok..01:17
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juicemetortoisedoc, thats quite OK01:29
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tortoisedocjuiceme -> thanks, as ok as an error can be :)01:30
tortoisedoci guess maybe n9 was meant to come with a sd expansion slot in the beginnings or something..01:30
juicemeyes, that error does not concernt your mmcbl, so it does not matter01:30
tortoisedocso is there a way to make root writable?01:31
tortoisedoc(or at least /etc)01:32
juicemeHow do you mean, it is normally mounter rw?01:32
tortoisedocseems sfdisk won't cut it..01:32
tortoisedoccant modify the startup params of the XOrg01:32
tortoisedocits in a conf file in /etc01:32
tortoisedoc-> no rights to mod :/01:33
juicemeare you in open mode?01:33
tortoisedochmm define "open" :)01:33
juicemeokay... So did you try it as user, or as devel-su?01:33
juicemeand you cannot modify /etc01:33
juicemeso you are not in open mode I guess then01:34
juicemehade you flashed aegis-neutering kernel?01:34
tortoisedocah :) nop01:34
tortoisedocrunning on "vanilla" kernel01:34
juicemeokay, do you ise inception then?01:34
tortoisedocnope again :)01:35
tortoisedocit is starting to seem clear what the problem is here :D01:35
juicemeokay, there is your problem then :)01:35
tortoisedoccrappy aegis01:35
tortoisedocin principle i am fine with the xorg log01:35
juicememany people use inception, I prefer open mode.01:36
tortoisedocbut xorg / qt is *not* fine with opengles 1.001:36
juicemewhat's the thing with the log?01:36
tortoisedocit floods the log and the "huge" 4 MB partition01:36
tortoisedoci dont know exactly01:36
tortoisedoci get these weird error messages about invalid context'es01:36
tortoisedocaltho the opengl code is tested01:37
juicemeok.. Well you could of course truncate the log but again, aegis might prevent that :)01:37
tortoisedocso for aegis-neutered kernel where do i have to look at?01:38
juicemeEach to his/her own way, of course, but I would recommend open mode, have been running with that for a long time...01:39
juicemejust a minute, I would give oyu TMO article about it but the site is down01:39
tortoisedocyeah i noticed01:40
juicemeaa it's this;01:40
tortoisedocthis whole TMO moving is turning out to be a pain01:40
juicemehmm why did I not see thr bot's answer to that??01:41
tortoisedocbot  answer?01:41
juicemewell, infobot should have given advice when I gave that command01:42
juicemeBut it is in my logs:01:42
juiceme<+infobot> hmm... aegis-no-thanks is, or, or
juicemethat one :)01:42
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juicemesome problems with infobot...?01:43
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tortoisedocthanks :)01:44
tortoisedocetc -> init -> xomap.conf that is my file01:44
juicemethat link is a bit dated... I guess you are running PR1.3 so see the kernel here:
tortoisedocso close but still so far! Damn you aegis!01:45
juiceme~ # ls -la /etc/init/xomap.conf01:46
juiceme-rw-r--r--    1 root     root           761 Feb 22  2012 /etc/init/xomap.conf01:46
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tortoisedocyeah tha tone01:48
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