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wmaronenow to convert my arabic N9 from Kuwait to an english phone04:13
GeneralAntillesSend it to a West Coast liberal arts school for a year?04:17
wmaronegood, it can commute04:18
bluefoxif you haven't updated to 1.3, that would be the easiest way04:18
wmaronebluefox: yeah, looking into that now04:18
bluefoxjust flash the generic EU firmware and you're good to go04:19
bluefoxjust keep in mind, you can only go up in firmware's a bit silly04:19
wmaroneI'm just going to all the way forward04:19
bluefoxdifferent regional variants can have higher version numbers04:19
wmaroneI guess I should boot it up and see what's on it04:19
bluefoxwould be a good start04:20
wmaroneoh good, it came up in English04:21
bluefoxoh, first time turning it on?...yeah, you can select the language then04:22
wmaronethis will let me give the Nexus One back to its rightful owners04:23
bluefoxif you don't have a carrier branded version, should be all set then04:23
wmaroneclean as a whistle04:24
bluefoxwell, enjoy then :)04:24
wmaroneit's already running PR1.304:24
bluefoxnot unexpected04:24
wmaronewell, time to start undermining Aegis :)04:29
bluefoxhave fun :P04:29
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sdx23hi. How would I install the CACert root-certificate? I tried the certificate manager, which wont let me enable it for websites.22:59
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Jonnisdx23: if you have incepted capas/allcapa opensh, then you can use acmcli commandline command to add and revoke certificates23:05
sdx23Jonni: had tried that, even thoug no opensh. It refused with "Permission denied".23:06
sdx23In the meanwhile I stumbled over /var/lib/aegis/ps/Ss containing certman.ssl-ca with wierd owner/group - deleting it (as user, not root) works fine.23:07
Jonniwell you kinda need opensh, since by default incepted shell doesnt offer enough capas, unless you run that some other command23:07
Jonnilike if you want to remove the few weeks ago compromised certificate you would run:23:07
Jonniopensh -c "acmcli -C aegis-certman-common-ca::CertCACommonAdd -lc common-ca -r d937b34e05fdd9cf9f1216aeb6892feb253a881c"23:07
sdx23ah, I didn't have any cacert certificates installed. Just wanted to use git without disabling ssl-verify.23:08
Jonniif you touch var/lib/aegis files by hand then you might end up in a situation that device stops booting, so acmcli is the right way23:09
sdx23too late now (even though I did backup that file). But thanks for the warning, I'll reboot just to be sure.23:10
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sdx23seems to be fine. Thanks for your help.23:13
sdx23Ah, what I was searching as well: Is there some kind of comfortably showing the current IP of the wlan interface? Perhaps in the menu showing wlan, bluetooth, availability?23:14
Jonnibasicly for adding you would use something like this: opensh -c "acmcli -C aegis-certman-common-ca::CertCACommonAdd -lc common-ca -a CACert_root_certificate_that_you_want_to_add.pem"23:15
Jonniin commandline you can do: ifconfig wlan0 to show the ip, or you can install "IP Address" widget from tmo which shows wlan+3g+usb ip numbers on the grid when you click it23:16
GeneralAntillesI like how Tracker doesn't index saved files23:18
GeneralAntillesso you can only access images taken with the camera.23:19
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ZogG_laptopJonni: hey23:20
sdx23I know about the cli way, but well, wanted something more comfortable. Your suggestion seems fine, I'm looking it up right now, thx.23:20
ZogG_laptopJonni: may i ask you some stupid questions as always :)23:21
JonniZogG_laptop: sure23:21
ZogG_laptopJonni: i decided to try to use qoauth23:22
ZogG_laptopbut never worked with qsettings23:23
ZogG_laptopi should use it to save data right?23:23
ZogG_laptopor other way?23:23
JonniI've never used QOAuth so can really help you on that. But you can look for example hints from  that looks to be using qoauth and qsettings together23:25
ZogG_laptopit's in qml i think23:25
Jonnithats c++ bindings to qml side, so you can ignore qml parts and look the c++ parts23:26
Jonnithat file is c++ auth part, the qml part is in qmlbinding.cpp for that project.23:27
ZogG_laptopthe point is not qoauth it self but qsettings23:27
ZogG_laptopwondering how if i can save token23:27
ZogG_laptopi mean tht people can't just get it23:28
JonniZogG_laptop: sure you can in auth.cpp constructor reads the token from the settings.23:28
ZogG_laptopyeah but it would be accessible from outside of app23:28
Jonniyes, that implementation is not secure, thats why there is comment //TODO use encrypted storage instead, so in N9 you could use aegis storage path instead of the default path23:29
ZogG_laptopi want to make library so i would use it not only on harmattan23:30
ZogG_laptopand maybe jolla one day :)23:30
JonniZogG_laptop: in that case you can use QSettings together with SimpleCrypt  or openssl23:32
ZogG_laptopJonni: ok23:33
ZogG_laptopthanks for advice23:33
Jonnifir security you should link against openssl and store tokens in encrypted form in qsettings, like using 256bit blowfish or something.23:33
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ZogG_laptopthat actually would be smart :)23:36
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GeneralAntillesAnybody have a mirror for gallerybugx?23:58
GeneralAntilles is down23:58

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