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thedead1440hmm the dali n950 seems to be a lot like fremantle down to the folders in MyDocs which are like .images, .sounds etc08:27
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bef0rdI was looking at that too thedead1440 :P09:18
thedead1440i think i understand the different swipe; it has a home button pressing it minimizes the app while the X button as expected closes the app09:18
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thedead1440i applied the icons on my n9 while using the .theme file from the dali n950 so it created somewhat similar to the pics n950 posted09:19
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thedead1440its kinda funny how just copying icons over into a new theme folder and nothing else gives the home and cross button which function as they were meant to...09:31
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bef0rdthedead1440: got a screenshot? :)09:58
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thedead1440anybody able to use the fennec from the dali n950? I'm getting seg fault whenever i try running it :(10:30
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ArkenoiI wonder why some apps lock in landscape when keyboard is open and why others do not..16:17
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arceanArkenoi: also fixes the problem you've described16:37
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arceanbecause it contains this commit:
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Arkenoiarcean, thanks!16:43
Arkenoi(i wonder if there is a fix to get rid of ANR as well. isn't it configurable somewhere?)16:43
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Pipouldhi all17:14
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teleshoesare certain servers down?18:59
teleshoesim having trouble with repos and talk18:59
thedead1440teleshoes: repos down yes; talk is slow18:59
teleshoesthx; know why?19:00
thedead1440migration issues19:00
teleshoesawesome thx19:03
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nanashii have installed system-ui_1.2.23-1+0m7_armel.deb. could some tell me the gconf value to change to get battery percemtage displayed?19:18
thedead1440nanashi: /desktop/meego/status_area/display_percentage maybe the one...19:20
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nanashi1 mmnt plz19:21
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nanashithedead1440: i used gconfik to navigate, didn't find it19:23
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nanashithank i've found it19:26
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qwazixI'm trying to build the libboost hello world in scratchbox but the linker complains it can't find -lboost_python. Any ideas?21:55
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DocScrutinizer05qwazix: my friend, you got an eye on harm migration too?22:14
qwazixis there anything harmattan related to be migrated now?22:15
DocScrutinizer05you tell me, I'd hope not22:15
qwazixIIRC the board is still negotiating getting harmattan assets22:15
qwazixfor now they're safe22:15
DocScrutinizer05just liked to make sure somebody keeps track - since I simply can't22:16
qwazixI suspect they want to keep it until N9 is EOL22:16
qwazixand then maybe dump them on us22:16
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DocScrutinizer05probably, even likely22:16
DocScrutinizer05if man is still alive... ;-D22:16
qwazixwith emphasis on dump22:16
qwazixbecause harmattan assets are as if they were deliberately scattered22:17
qwazixwhile maemo was pretty well organized under maemo.org22:17
qwazix(except tmo)22:17
DocScrutinizer05even that is changing this very minute22:17
qwazixyep, and I think it's good to happen today, even if it means a bit of downtime22:18
DocScrutinizer05anyway, just felt like dropping by and telling you i'm happy you are active here, since I feel a bit guilty that I can't22:18
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qwazixthanks, but don't feel bad, if it weren't for you this migration wouldn't happen, and is very valuable for both harm/fre users22:19
qwazixmuch more info about N9 is available in tmo/wmo than over at meego.com22:20
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valdur55Does OVP (open video player) support UDP proxy ?23:26
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