IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2013-01-05

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Sazpaimoncan someone throw the PR1.3 kernel source my way?01:51
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Sazpaimonok so I broke my MyDocs partition and now my N9 won't boot, just stuck at the nokia logo02:58
Sazpaimontried reflashing EMMC to no avail02:58
Sazpaimonjust to be sure I'll try --erase-mmc=secure02:59
Sazpaimonthanks Hurrian, but I already found it03:00
Hurrianah, k03:00
Sazpaimonwhat I dont get is why the N9 is so dependent on the EMMC to be working03:00
Sazpaimonif EMMC can't be mounted, it remounts / as read only03:00
Hurriansazpaimon, it's in the init scripts03:00
Hurrianyou could fix it if you had Backupmenu N9 installed03:01
Sazpaimoni already have my EMMC backed up03:01
Hurrian(oh, and edit the export script to export mmcblk0 instead of mmcblk0p1)03:01
Sazpaimonbut I accidently formatted it as fat32 in windows and forgot to make it vfat again03:01
Sazpaimonnow the N9 wont mount it, even after I reformatted it as vfat03:01
Sazpaimoni rebooted, and it's stuck at the nokia logo03:02
Sazpaimontried disabling lifeguard reset, no change03:02
Sazpaimonso hopefully --erase-mmc=secure will format the partition correctly03:02
Hurrianhmm, to linux, isn't vfat=fat32?03:02
Sazpaimongood question, I dont know03:03
Hurrianalthough, windows may have created a partition table on mmcblk0p1 when it formatted03:03
Sazpaimonthats possible03:03
Hurrianwhich it shouldn't have, because it's a virtual lun03:03
Sazpaimonno you know what, I know it did03:03
Sazpaimoni was briefly using it as a usb dos boot disk03:04
Sazpaimonso yeah, it made a partition table and MBR and junk03:04
Sazpaimonthat's probably what's causing it grief03:04
Hurrianmeh, you should've just used Disk Management to format it instead of the Format command from Explorer03:05
Sazpaimonerase-mmc should hopefully zero out the entire partition then, which should restore it to a pristine state03:05
Sazpaimoni was actually using a usb formatter tool, which sets up a dos boot disk03:05
HurrianSazpaimon, yup, a zeroize should do03:05
Sazpaimoni should have checked dmesg before i rebooted, that would have helped03:06
HurrianSazpaimon, "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 && /sbin/mkfs.vfat /dev/mmcblk0p1" would've worked03:09
Sazpaimonyeah if I had opensh03:09
Hurrianif you're not squeamish about using the rescue initrd you could simply wipe that bit03:09
Sazpaimondoesnt just loading the rescue image enable open mode?03:09
Hurrianwait, you aren't in open mode?03:10
Sazpaimonnot now03:10
Hurrianyeah, it puts the device into open mode.03:10
SazpaimonI'm working on some non-openmode stuff right now03:10
Sazpaimonnormally I'm openmode, but I disabled it to test some things related to inception03:10
Sazpaimonused to be on PR1.0/1.1, you could simply load an unsigned image and stay in closed mode03:11
Sazpaimonnot sure why they changed that03:11
Sazpaimonas long as you didnt flash03:11
Hurrianah. I switched to patched openmode when inabt stopped supporting it03:14
Hurrianoh, and I think they didn't want people dicking around with the system in open mode, and going back to stock kernel03:15
Sazpaimonstill not working03:16
Sazpaimonthe led is flashing, and it's rebooting now03:16
Sazpaimonlet me disable the lifeguard reset and try again03:17
Sazpaimonactually, it's not rebooting, it's shutting down03:18
Sazpaimontried every possible R&D flag, no luck03:23
Hurrianmeh, just zeroize it already03:24
Sazpaimonisnt that what --erase-mmc already does?03:25
Hurrianuse rescue initrd to backup stuff you need, then flatten it with rootfs+emmc to restore back to normal mode03:25
Hurrianmalf state may be stored in /var03:25
Hurriang2g, see you guys later03:25
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Sazpaimonsomehow my rootfs partition is empty?03:47
Sazpaimonas in the actual partition table says empty03:47
Sazpaimoni guess modifying the EMMC broke the partition table of the device?03:49
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arvuthow do you root your n9? I got devel-su and devmode activated.. I feel more comfortable having root access...04:18
Sazpaimontestdisk is not finding the partition either04:18
arvutit asks for root pw04:18
Sazpaimondefault password is rootme04:18
arvutwhat was it on the n900, do you remember/know?04:19
arvutthe default that is04:19
Sazpaimonit may have been the same, I cant remember04:19
arvutmy rootpw on the n900 got changed the day I bought it and rooted it04:20
Sazpaimonactually all I remember is being able to just type root and it gave me root04:20
Sazpaimonafter installing the root utility04:20
arvutI think it was something like it, not exactly the same tho04:20
arvutthats the rootsh04:20
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arvutgain-root or something like that04:21
arvutit still had an outside rootpw for ssh and such04:21
Sazpaimonword of warning, root on the N9 is still limited04:21
arvuthow so?04:22
Sazpaimonyou can run develsh after devel-su to get more permissions, but aegis still limits you from doing things04:22
arvutI did notice that it has a silly busybox and not the whole bash4 freedom04:22
arvutwhat's aegis?04:22
Sazpaimonoh boy, you're new at this04:23
arvutyeah, but I learn fast04:23
Sazpaimonpeople in here can explain aegis better than me04:23
Sazpaimonbut basically it's the meego security platform04:24
arvutaegis is some kind of sudo system then?04:24
arvutor some kind of built in defense against users like us :P04:24
Sazpaimonif you aren't granted specific permissions to access certain things, you will get denied04:24
arvuteven under root, huh?04:24
arvutso, you could say that aegis is its own root police, that limits whoever logs in to root or any other user acc and tries to do things04:25
M4rtinKlike SELinux but worse :)04:25
arvuthaha neat04:25
Sazpaimonyeah, selinux is a good comparison04:25
M4rtinKIIRC, its not that bad in principle & implementation04:26
M4rtinKbut horribly misconfigured04:26
arvutim installing gentoo on this machine, actually considered running it hardened but I'll wait with that until i got a fresh install that has a working kernel04:26
Sazpaimonthere's ways around it, you can install an unsigned kernel that has aegis disabled or limited04:26
arvuthardened with SElinux that is04:26
Sazpaimonthen you can install a real root package04:26
arvutI might not do that tho, its my main communications device and I dont want to limit its security until I understand it more04:27
Sazpaimonor if you ask itsnotabigtruck, you can install inception, which exploits an oversight in aegis enforcement to elevate yourself04:27
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck can probably explain it better04:27
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arvutI've heard of that inception thing (the movie was awesome..) but this package? what is it?04:28
Sazpaimonit's an alternative way to give yourself full permissions without doing a reflash of another kernel04:28
arvutsome kind of "hack aegis-security" thing?04:28
arvutI gotta play with that then04:28
Sazpaimonthe flash method is the official way nokia reccomends doing this04:29
Sazpaimonsince it's not an exploit, flashing an unsigned kernel changes the system into "open mode"04:29
arvutbtw, a rather offtopic question real quick, is screen available for n9? (or some other terminal splitter like tmux)? and how do I split vertically & jump thru splits?04:30
arvutcool, can I have a bootmenu and boot both open & aegis mode?04:31
arvutI'm planning to corrupting the device with gentoo some day anyway, so it would be good to know if multiply OS's can be installed on it04:31
Sazpaimonthere appears to be a tmux port in the unofficial harmattan community repo04:31
Sazpaimonnobody's done a gentoo port yet04:32
arvutdo I have to enable the unofficial repo in terminal or can it be done in the "store" app?04:32
Sazpaimonand there really isn't an easy way to make a dual-boot setup04:32
Sazpaimonyou can do it in the terminal04:32
Sazpaimonecho 'deb ./' >>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/nicks.list04:33
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Sazpaimonnot sure why this wiki said nicks.list04:33
Sazpaimondoesn't matter what you name it though04:33
arvutI'm used to working in a terminal, I get terminal abstinence if I dont get to be inside one every now and then. 3rd thing I installed on my n9 the day I got it was that bluetooth-term and the normal terminal04:33
arvutirssi and ip radio being the 2nd and 1st04:34
Sazpaimonfingerterm is another good terminal04:34
arvutI'll check it out04:34
arvutI need to get a proper bt keyboard tho04:34
arvutthe touchscreen kb kills me04:34
Sazpaimonif you don't have a keyboard handy, fingerterm outputs a transparent keyboard overlayed on top of a kernel04:34
Sazpaimon*on top of a terminal04:34
arvutthat_sounds_truly_awesome! cause the vkb totally ruins the terminal experience04:35
Sazpaimonit's designed for programs like irssi too04:35
Sazpaimonyou can do swiping gestures to do alt+pgup and pgdown to switch between irssi tabs04:35
Sazpaimonbtw, if you're going to run gentoo, you may want to consider a prefix setup, rather than a full install04:36
arvutnice, altho irssi is installed in /opt, can it be ran from cli instead of the meego gui? I have to permanently alias it, right?04:37
Sazpaimonnokia store QA requires that apps get installed in /opt04:37
Sazpaimonbut you're free to make symlinks of you so desire04:37
arvuthow do you permanently alias something under harmattan then? which file do I edit?04:38
arvutassuming alias is the way to do it04:38
Sazpaimonyou can just make a symlink really04:39
Sazpaimonln -s /usr/bin/irssi /opt/irssi/bin/irssi or whatever04:39
arvutI gotta type that screenshot link on my n9, im under minimal gentoo enviorment, not chrooted and no gui atm04:39
arvutoh, and it will be found as a command in the terminal after I've symlinked it?04:40
arvutI wish I could get my hands on a n950, would love to have one.. but I kinda lost hope when I saw one go for 2000 euros on ebay last summer04:42
arvutthat keyboard and tilted screen looks so sweet.. and the aluminium unibody. *drools*04:43
SazpaimonI think I completely fubared this04:45
Sazpaimontestdisk can't find my root partition atall04:45
Sazpaimonguess I gotta reflash and start from scratch04:46
arvutwhats testdisk? and what are you up to?04:46
Sazpaimoni accidently broke the partition layout of my phone04:46
arvutouch, are you trying to do what I suggested earlier? or just screw around with partitions?04:47
TheorboWhat is the going rate of N950s these days?04:48
arvutthat ss2.png link sent me to a site with a finnish error msg. I think it says "file could not be found" or something like that. I don't speak finnish04:48
arvutTheorbo: you mean what ppl sell them for?04:48
Sazpaimonfingerterm's availablein the store04:49
Sazpaimonso you can find it there04:49
arvutyeah, I downloaded it. was that just a screenie of yours?04:49
Sazpaimonno, that was the author's website04:50
arvutno english translation for
arvutI see.. thought you uploaded it04:51
arvuthmm.. ln says file exists when I try to symlink it. are you sure thats the correct syntax?04:58
arvutwould be more logical if it was "ln -s /path/to/link /new/symlink"04:59
arvutI've only used symlink once or twice before, still quite new to a lot of unix commands04:59
Sazpaimoni can never remember the order of arguments for ln05:00
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arvutI screwed up with screen =)05:25
arvutthe prompt wouldnt let me type and all I could do was ctrl-a Q05:26
arvutI assume that would be a quit command05:26
arvutSazpaimon: have you gone afk now? or are you messing around with partitions in another windows?05:27
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Sazpaimonanyone know what would cause my entire root partition to become zeroed out?06:20
Sazpaimonalso, my home partition just has a "preinstalled" folder06:21
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Sazpaimonoh.. i see07:06
Sazpaimon--erase-mmc, Im brainless and didn't realize it formats /home07:06
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Sazpaimonwell, there goes everything on my phone..07:13
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thedead1440i've done the setup to share my host machine's internet connection with my N9 via USB. Ping in terminal, easy debian works but no GUI app works even though the N9 is connected to a dummy ad-hoc network. Have set the default gw to host machine's ip. Any pointers on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks~08:26
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thedead1440My issue earlier has been fixed; it was my mistake to have played around with /etc/resolv.conf08:58
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ZogG_laptopElleo: ping12:18
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ElleoZogG_laptop: pong?12:22
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ZogG_laptopElleo: sup12:24
ZogG_laptoplong time no see12:24
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ZogG_laptopElleo: i know u read books from devices and as piracy is not the best thing i wonder if you can advice any shop/services where i can buy books, the point is if i bought i can download it for my device not limited times and no subscribtion fee :)12:25
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ElleoI'm good, just about to leave to hopefully complete the purchase of my new boat/home :)12:25
Elleoerr, well there's various independent DRM free publishers12:25
ZogG_laptopboat home? lol what?12:26
ZogG_laptopi have sony ebook and intend to read on it mostly and not phone or tablet or what ever :)12:26
Elleo are pretty good in that respect (I'd personally recommend Louis McMasters Bujold's books), they also have a lot of free books available as samples for their longer series12:26
Elleothere's also for lots of individual authors12:27
Elleoquality there varies dramatically though12:27
ZogG_laptopyeah but i'm not that reader, i would prefer known authors with books i know :)12:28
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ZogG_laptopand what is boat/home you was talking12:28
ZogG_laptopu made me curious12:28
Elleoyeah, unfortunately for authors that are with most publishers you're limited to one of the DRM encumbered shops12:28
ElleoZogG_laptop: I'm buying a narrowboat (a type of long, thin boat that travels the canals in the UK) to live aboard12:28
ZogG_laptopthe problem is that i don't want to keep books on harddrive :\12:29
ZogG_laptopElleo: to live like for a long time?12:29
ElleoZogG_laptop: yep12:29
ElleoZogG_laptop: <-- this is the boat12:29
ZogG_laptopElleo: when i'm in UK i would ask you for a ride then :)12:29
Elleosure :)12:29
ZogG_laptopand what about computer and internet?12:30
ZogG_laptopthough nowday it' enuf to have mobile internet it's still mobile internet :(12:30
Elleothe engine charges a bank of large batteries, and I have an unlimited 3G data contract12:30
Elleoalso planning on fitting some solar panels12:31
Elleobut that's not a priority until the summer really12:31
ZogG_laptopi have no balls for things like that :(12:32
Elleowell you could just consider this a form of stupidity :P12:33
ZogG_laptopok wouldn't keep you here longer :) talk to you late and good luck :)12:33
Elleoyeah, got to head out; bye :)12:33
ZogG_laptopit's not - i think it's cool12:33
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patigoalhi all13:48
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patigoalhi all14:03
patigoalall here have a n9 phone?14:04
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patigoalsomeo e from germany here?14:05
RzRZogG_laptop, will share sources this week end14:05
RzRZogG_laptop, should be easy to test that way on pb14:05
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ZogG_laptopRzR: hey14:17
ZogG_laptopRzR: ok, this week i'm pretty busy, but maybe next one. and next one maybe there would be bb10 on playbook as well :)14:17
RzRno problem14:19
RzRi am not hurry14:19
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