IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-12-30

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heymasterI want to control simple game with accelerometer. Hpw to convert accelerometer readings to game coordinates ?00:51
SpeedEvildepends how you want to use it00:56
SpeedEvillike a joystick?00:56
heymasterSpeedEvil: i writing Pong game on desktop. And want to use phone to control paddle00:57
heymasterjsut for fun00:57
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SpeedEvilso what motion do you want to control the paddle?01:04
heymasterSpeedEvil: by turning phone left and right01:07
heymaster << not like this. but i think would be y axis01:08
SpeedEvillook at the movement of the 'down' vector formed from all three accelerometer inputs01:08
SpeedEvilthe accelerometer reports the x/y/z components of the acceleration vector.01:09
heymasterso it's from +y and -y01:09
SpeedEvilput all three together, and you get a direction and magnitude of the local acceleration01:10
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heymasterso +y will be paddle y coordinate and -y will be paddle y coordinate of screen height ?01:11
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heymasteri need mapping between game and reading value01:12
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SpeedEvilyou can't do that really01:37
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heymasterSpeedEvil: what to do01:38
JackaLXIs the repo at just down temporarily, or does it no longer exist?01:38
bluefox______the accelerometer won't give you absolute coordinates because it only tells you the vector regarding movement01:38
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heymasterbluefox: ok. it's clear.01:39
bluefoxthe easiest thing to do would be to just take one axis and translate the same acceleration to the object you wish to move01:39
heymasterbluefox: thanks ok. i will try to write simple app to check values01:40
heymasterand i will adjust them to my game01:41
bluefoxno problem01:41
heymasterjust on thing01:41
heymasterif i move phone i will get acceleration01:41
bluefoxwell, that depends01:42
bluefoxif you start moving it and get it to a fixed speed, then only the point up to said speed will be acceleration01:42
bluefoxand the accelerometer will give you nothing once it has reached this speed01:42
heymasterso i need move pong paddle in few game frames ?01:43
bluefoxkey is to move the object in game until you detect acceleration in the opposite direction (ie deceleration)01:43
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heymasterahh, good. thank you01:43
bluefoxno problem01:45
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heymasterbluefox: but what if i want paddle to be stopped?01:45
heymasterbecause you saying move until opposite direction01:46
bluefoxbut you have to remember that if your phone is moving at a fixed speed in one direction01:47
bluefoxslowing it to a stop would put the acceleration vector in the opposite direction01:47
bluefoxsince an object with fix speed has no acceleration01:48
bluefoxif you map the phones acceleration to that of of the paddle, then it will behave how you expect and physics will take care of everything01:50
heymasterok .. will try something to do01:51
bef0rdhey, how is it going heymaster01:53
heymasterbef0rd: nothing new :)01:53
heymasterstill haven't programmed anything01:54
heymasterhave few ideas01:54
heymaster << programmed simple pong want to controll it with device01:56
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heymasterhow to you01:57
heymasterjust core graphics01:58
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heymasterif you mac user01:58
heymasteryou will know01:59
bef0rdyea, user but not developer01:59
bef0rdI was developing a client for N901:59
heymasteri like mac dev more than qt :/02:00
heymasterbut if i will write something i will port to qt too02:00
heymasteraccidentally wined phone in contest (7th), but haven't did anything for community :/ :)02:01
bef0rdoh you got a phone?02:01
heymasterit's miracle02:01
bef0rdcool, what phone n9?02:02
bef0rdor n95002:02
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heymasterwas 4 winning places, but my 7th place02:02
heymasteri got n950, because someone didn't wanted n95002:03
heymasteri bought n9 used02:03
bef0rdN950 is cool02:03
heymasteryou got n9500 too in contest ?02:04
bef0rdI like qt development, I received yesterday the BB10 alpha phone02:04
bef0rdneed to start working on apps maybe tonight02:04
bef0rdyea, N950 :) I had N902:04
heymastergood luck on developement02:05
heymasteri was trying SDK, but emulator not supporting hw accelation. so slow as hell02:05
heymastersomething don't worked for me, but don't remember02:05
heymastertrying to find what to develop, just don't motivation to work on projects like reddit reader :)02:08
bef0rdwhat vm are you using? vmware supports it02:08
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heymasteri downloaded vmware from ptb :p but if i enable hw it don't start02:09
heymastermy mac is old with poor video02:09
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heymasterand macmini with nvidia 200M02:10
bef0rdah I see02:11
heymasterneed to buy pc, because apple sale old hardware02:11
bef0rdyea, I have macbook pro becuase I got it in a contest :P02:12
bef0rdapple hardware is expensive02:12
heymasteri bought mac to try iphone development with ipod :)02:13
bef0rdI need to try iOS development too02:14
heymasteryes :)02:14
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befordis harmattan-dev down again?06:27
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bluefoxwon't pull up here06:31
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befordanyone knows how to run tcpdump on the n9?08:11
befordsomehow my capture data is always empty08:11
befordHurrian: ^ :)08:14
Hurrianbefore, got libpcap and running it under opensh?08:15
befordno, but I installed it using developer tools from the Settings application08:16
befordI do not have inception installed08:16
befordI thought devel-sh permissions/caps would be enough08:17
Hurrianhmm, something tells me it's supposed to be used with the SDK.08:17
Hurrianlemme test08:17
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Hurrianbeford: "tcpdump -i wlan0".08:24
Hurriansimply running "tcpdump" makes it monitor phonet008:25
befordoh.. let me see08:26
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befordthanks it works :)08:35
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orfixHi, is there any way to send an sms from command line ? thank you.20:44
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Jake9xx_hmm, anyone here using N9 PR 1.3 + SportsTracker ?21:31
njsf1ocasionally yes21:31
Jake9xx_I cannot get my exercise to be uploaded to online service21:31
Jake9xx_I have located the dat files but that's about it :/21:32
njsf1Ah, I just use local tracking21:32
njsf1let me see21:32
patry meeTrainer :p21:32
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Jake9xx_dat files are in /home/user/.local/share/data/STT/SportsTracker21:32
Jake9xx_pa: been using ST for a while on Symbian 701 phone, works like a charm but did not find that phone right now21:33
njsf1Mine upload just fine21:34
njsf1maybe a logout then login ?21:34
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paJake9xx_, sportstracker on N9 is very different from symbian one21:34
Jake9xx_njsf1: I tried that but can try again21:34
Jake9xx_ok, logged out ,shut down STT and rebooted, let's see21:35
njsf1I also had some issues (with GPS fix actually) before which were cured by removing then installing again21:35
Jake9xx_noup, won't sync21:38
Jake9xx_it'll try another user acct21:38
Jake9xx_naah.. well guess it's a lost set then :/21:47
Jake9xx_thanks for help guys21:47
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befordN9 got stuck, seems to be frozen, can't reboot it22:59
befordneed to reflash it :/22:59
beford is still down, right?22:59
njsf1last time I checked 1hr ago yes23:01
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