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anabisthis place is very quiet04:20
bluefoxit has its moments04:20
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Aranellooks like my devel-su root cannot write to /home/user, is it the same for everyone?07:31
Araneland I wonder if there's any mirror to aegisctl. Looks like the mirror is also down.07:31
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thedead1440Aranel: devel-su writes to /home/user/ only in open mode; otherwise user regular user privilleges to write to it07:47
thedead1440Aranel: also rcolistete's mirror is still up:
Aranelthedead1440: oh okay, It was weird to see all kinds of errors when running a apt-get purge07:49
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kstarHeya folks09:21
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kstarIs this a place to ask user questions about the N9?09:22
kstarOh, okay. So I'm having trouble with CloudGPS not being able to connect to the right Google Maps server.09:22
kstarAnyone with similar experiences?09:22
bluefoxthat i unfortunately can't help with but hopefully someone else might09:23
bluefoxthough you might need to idle in channel a bit for all the EU guys to wake up and read through everything09:23
kstarAh, yeah. The European activity burst.09:23
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kstarWow. OSM seems good enough, actually.09:25
kstarThis phone is so awesome, I really wish there's more releases and development.09:26
bluefoxdid have a bit of an unfortunate end (at least officially)09:27
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MoOo_hi all10:09
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MoOo_anybody home10:15
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sledgesI happens not the first time already: I get a missed call, then clear its notification, then later on I receive an SMS (e.g. this morning), and I get two notification instead of one: one of that text (correct), and another -- of that missed call of yesterday, though same timestamp as that SMS. The two events are unrelated and coming from different people. Call log does not show that missed call :{ I could not reproduce it though it happens once13:39
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merlin1991has anyone ever tried to build a recent qt 4.x and see if it has positive effects on the browser?16:36
lpappmerlin1991: qt4 is history. :-)16:37
merlin1991but it still powers 90% of my harmattan userspace :D16:38
lpappswitch to more up to date system. :-D16:38
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merlin1991hm, more up to date, well afaik jolla is qt4 aswell ;)16:39
lpappyeah, Jolla is history too. :-D16:39
merlin1991so where's my qt5 phone then? :)16:40
Aardmerlin1991: we do work on our qt5 story, though.16:40
sledgesSailfish OS is mentioned in the official Qt5 video btw16:40
lpappmerlin1991: I kinda ported Qt5 to Harmattan.16:40
lpappbut there were no others helping me regardless they got phones for that.16:41
lpappso I stopped that port at some point.16:41
sledgesQt5 works on NemoMobile nicely fwiw16:41
lpappif only nemo mobile was useful for a daily phone. :-D16:41
merlin1991yeah just wanted to say that16:41
sledgesall in good times, it supports  my SIM finally, so can receive phones and texts, the rest is time and Jolla's contribution together with community16:42
Aardsledges: there's more to qt5 usage on a phone than 'qt itself works nice', unfortunately :)16:42
lpappmerlin1991: perhaps the blackberry device will suit.16:42
lpappAard: hah, that is even more valid point.16:42
sledgesAard, I won't repeat myself ;)16:43
* sledges but better stops trolling OT in #here :)16:43
merlin1991sledges: it's just that, there's no point in going to nemo from harm :/16:44
sledgescurrently no, as users. but as developers (and this is the developers channel) it is completely the opposite16:44
merlin1991I'll happily jump ships when nemo reaches feature parity in my eyes16:44
sledgesvery fair point from user's perspective16:45
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merlin1991not everyone enjoys the possibility of having a dev only device :D16:47
sledgesor two :D16:47
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merlin1991hm I gotta find a precompiled webkit browser for win to test if it still fails at displaying my routers login form :D16:48
lpappsledges: I deny that it is a developer channel.16:48
sledges"A place for harmattan device and development discussions"16:49
lpappwe share a lot of experience about platforms from user point of view as well.16:49
merlin1991lpapp: we do have #n9 as user channel16:49
lpappand from developer point of view:16:49
lpappwho cares about something unused? :D16:49
lpappjust by a few devs.16:49
lpappmerlin1991: so?16:49
sledgesbut not undeveloped?16:49
lpappmerlin1991: it does not alter that we share user experience here a lot.16:49
Aardmerlin1991: it never will. camera will stop working at some point, and integrated gps might never work16:49
merlin1991lpapp: so this channel kinda is more on the dev side16:49
lpappmerlin1991: I do not see that a contradiction with my saying.16:50
* sledges is on RE GPS16:50
merlin1991hm no gps would suck for me, acutally no maps application with proper per country preloading would suck for me16:50
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sledgesxmas holiday fun foreseen :)16:51
lpappmerlin1991: so in summary: I will give a try to the blackberry phone.16:52
Aardmerlin1991: bluetooth gps can made working, for the internal one we're missing binary blobs (same with camera)16:53
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lpappAard: what qt5 story do you work on if I may ask?16:54
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Aardlpapp: better qt5 support than harmattan, at some point ;)16:56
lpappAard: which platform?16:56
lpappah, the jolla stuff?16:56
lpappdo not forget to give us developer devices. ;)16:57
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lpappAard: hopefully you will not be too late to blackberry.16:58
lpappmerlin1991: we could port Qt5 to Harmattan.16:59
lpappor to be precise: continue the port with polishing it.16:59
Aardwe're unlike bb10 ;)16:59
lpappbut there is no interest. :)16:59
lpappAard: pardon?16:59
leinirAard: i totally see what you did there ;)16:59
merlin1991lpapp: the problem with qt5 to harm is, we only enable new applications, it does nothing for the existing userspace16:59
lpappmerlin1991: well, they can change it to qt517:00
lpappand qtqucik217:00
lpappthe idea is a one liner change for the imports.17:00
lpappwe cannot overcome that magically.17:00
lpappspeaking of qml applications for sure.17:00
Aardlpapp: google 'jolla unlike'17:00
lpappah yeah, and possible also in the middleware.17:01
lpappAard: actually, is blocked here. :p17:01
Aardwhere is 'here'?17:02
lpappmy company.17:02
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Aardlpapp: I don't really count as kde contributor, I guess :)17:13
lpappAard: that is not the point I wish to present17:13
lpapp.see my reply about the Jolla stuff at the bottom. :)17:14
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dt3rmjust testing17:24
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dt3rmhi pinheiro i am very new to this.. are you getting my messagea17:28
dt3rmnice... thanks i just downloaded nokia n9 IRC chatter and i am checking it out17:31
dt3rmworks very well17:32
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merlin1991hm irc 1988 interesing that people can still be new to it :D17:34
merlin1991s/c 1/c is from 1/17:35
infobotmerlin1991 meant: hm irc is from 1988 interesing that people can still be new to it :D17:35
mgedminpeople are from $bignum BC, yet there are still new people born every day17:35
merlin1991okay mgedmin let me rephrase this, irc is from 1988 and people can be new to it using it first time on a phone17:36
dt3rmnicely said.. but yeah i,m new to it and loving it17:38
padid i dream, or there was some thread in TMO/Somewhere else with a short tutorial for transcoding videos to something N9 compatible?17:41
merlin1991x264 and you're good?17:47
ladoganeeds to be baseline profile17:47
merlin1991just make it ubercrappy 2 pass xvid, that should run xD17:47
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ladogawith ffmpeg  -vprofile baseline works nicely17:48
ladogai haven't yet used it much, only to make some time lapse videos from jpgs17:49
ladogaso no idea of all the flags needed for transcoding videos17:50
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dt3rm@tgalal great job on wazapp... keep up the good work18:00
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pai always have problem resignign  with wazapp when i switch sim18:04
pabut other than that, it's great18:04
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pawhere was the mplayer port for N9 hosted?18:13
paah found18:15
pabut it's kinda old. last package from march18:15
thedead1440pa: its the one that is the good enough port18:16
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thedead1440there is a v2 of something like that on the web that may seem like an upgrade but in reality is worse from personal experience18:16
payes i know, but the latest svn packaging for harmattan is from march18:17
pa(on the garage page)18:17
pasorry april18:18
pawell, it's probably good enough yes18:18
thedead1440yup nothing newer that that18:18
pathedead1440, by the way, the only player with accelerated h264 decoder is gstreamer, right?18:19
thedead1440pa: i think so; i always end up using kmplayer+gstreamer; mplayer has too much out-of-sync18:19
pai see, thanks :)18:20
thedead1440its also sad that ovp doesn't work properly now so there is no video player with ability to play in the background18:20
thedead1440unless you downloaded via cuteTube18:20
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ladogai have sync issues with some videos with mplayer..mostly flv18:21
ladogabut most run just fine18:22
*** _vladest has quit IRC18:22
thedead1440i have issues with mp4 too encoded for 720p base for n9; however gstreamer works fine with those videos18:22
ladogawhy encode 720p when 480 is max vertical res?18:24
thedead1440well i don't find much sense in having 2 types of videos on my laptop and phone; might as well keep only a 720p bp encoded file18:25
ladogaofcourse if they are downloaded...but most aren't baseline anyway18:26
ladogamakes sense18:26
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ladogawhat are you using for encoding?18:29
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thedead1440ladoga: sorry i use handbrake18:35
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thedead1440ladoga: also xmedia recode does a good enough job too18:38
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pai will try handbrake too now, on this machine ffmpeg is too old18:38
padoesnt support vprofile baseline18:38
thedead1440pa: if you want a "easy-GUI" imo xmedia recode would be > than handbrake18:39
pathedead1440, yes i tried it before. but i never found a proper preset18:40
*** sledges has left #harmattan18:40
thedead1440there is a preset for 720bp i got from tmo18:40
pai mean i tried to encode stuff into something compatible with N9, but i always had some troubles18:40
pathere's nothing like "baseline" or so18:40
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ladogai had some problems with ffmpeg too..need to recompile it to include faac encoding18:46
ladogawhatever...atleast i get newest mplayer svn for my laptop at the same go :)18:47
ladogaabout handbrake...yes i had the same problem, couldn't figure out how to make baseline 3.118:47
thedead1440use xmedia recode then; its easier just load that profile, add job and execute18:48
ladogathanks i'll try that if ffmpeg fails18:49
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pait's only for windows, unfortunately18:55
*** zhxt has quit IRC18:56
thedead1440yes sadly18:56
lpappthedead1440: does ffmpeg support the yuv decoding for lagarith algorithm?18:56
thedead1440lpapp: I'm not sure but i don't think it supports it well iirc18:57
lpappI have not checked in details too much.18:57
lpappRGB was supported last time I checked, at least the decoding.18:58
ladogaoh ok, i have no windows boxes at home18:59
thedead1440ah ok18:59
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ladogapa which distro?19:11
pai know i should update, but it always takes a week to reconfigure all the stuff, and so i never do19:12
ladogayes i hated ubuntu upgrades19:12
ladogaalways something breaking19:12
ladogathough in all fairness that was 4.10->5.04->5.10 then switched to debian19:14
ladogaso it might be much better now19:14
pahm.. donno.. i did the other way around :)19:16
pakept debian until 8.04, then i switched to ubuntu19:16
*** mounir is now known as orfix19:16
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ladogaand dist-upgrades probably work fine if you use defaults and don't tweak the system too much (use other window managers and whatnot)19:17
*** hoco24__ has quit IRC19:19
pai normally reinstall from the image. i also have a custom kernel so upgrading "ota" normally screws something19:19
pai did a couple of times19:19
pabut cant on this machine19:20
ladogayes i guess that's the way to go with ubuntu19:21
ladogaclean installs usually work nicely19:21
ladogain debian i use testing so it's sort of rolling release19:21
*** MoOo___ has quit IRC19:21
payes testing is pretty stable19:22
ladoganever major dist upgrades19:22
pathe problem is that packages in testing are always pretty old19:22
ladogai always fetch what i need newer from backports and unstable19:22
*** MoOo___ has joined #harmattan19:23
ladogathey are mostly as new as it gets19:23
ladogai used unstable for a short while...but it's not really fit for every day use. dependency problems etc.19:24
ladogai think testing is sweet spot with debian. easy to maintain and option to get newest software if needed19:24
lpappexcept when not.19:25
*** thedead1440 has quit IRC19:25
ladogabut ofcourse it depends on use case19:26
*** hoco24__ has joined #harmattan19:28
ladogalpapp: what do you mean? when something is not in backports or unstable?19:28
*** hoco24__ has quit IRC19:28
lpappladoga: they are way behind arch19:28
lpappre: newest software19:28
lpappjust one example off-hand is cmake19:30
lpappit is overly old.19:30
*** elldekaa has quit IRC19:30
lpappbut I need to leave now. :-)19:30
*** lpapp has left #harmattan19:30
*** arcean has joined #harmattan19:31
*** qwazix has joined #harmattan19:33
ladogaif overly old is 1 month from upstream, then yes19:33
ladogacmake in unstable is v2.8.9 while newest is 2.8.10 released last month19:34
ladogabut whatever :) enough off-topic19:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan19:37
paanyway, now im trying handbrake Universal preset19:38
palet see whether it works19:38
ladogatell me if you figure out something19:39
*** MoOo___ has quit IRC19:40
ladogathough it's not too detailed19:41
ladogabut atleast someones experiences of encoding with handbrake for n919:42
*** MoOo___ has joined #harmattan19:42
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pai can tell you already that i tried with average bit rate and the result is horrendous, as compared with constant quantizer, for about the same filesize19:43
pathis a while ago19:43
ladogai'm already encoding with ffmpeg with -b 1024 :/19:44
pai also tried the twopass, it is still way worse than constant quality19:46
ladogabtw. have you tried -vpre baseline istead of -vprofile or -profile baseline?19:46
ladogamight work19:46
payes, but i couldnt use ffmpeg, its too old19:46
pathis im saying was with handbrake19:46
ladogai think thats how it was in older ffmpegs19:46
paah no i didnt19:47
pai could try19:47
palet see19:47
ladogayes, i understood. it just crossed my mind19:47
pathanks, that seems to work :)19:47
panow i have to figure out how to scale with the old version19:47
pait seems -vf does not exist19:48
*** Morpog has quit IRC19:48
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #harmattan19:48
ladoga-s ?19:48
ladoga-s 854x48019:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:49
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paah thanks19:59
panow i try19:59
paladoga, btw, it seems that Universal preset works fine19:59
panow i try with a more complex video19:59
pathis is a cartoon :)19:59
ladogaso universal and just switch resolution to 854x480?20:00
ladogai tried 720p in handbrake with universal and its bit jumpy[C20:00
ladogabut ofcourse 480 works fine for me...i just encoded for my laptop and happened to copy it to n920:01
*** unreal- has quit IRC20:02
pauniversal 480p20:03
ladogai'll try that after ffmpeg is finished (takes ages on this old laptop)20:04
pabtw cant i just call  from console "video-suite http://blabla/video.mkv"?20:06
paif i do that, i get a streaming error20:06
pabut if i click the file in the stock browser, it streams right20:06
*** auenf has quit IRC20:07
ladogamaybe it uses some different arguments when started with .desktop file20:08
*** lpapp has joined #harmattan20:08
ladogadefaults.list uses /usr/share/applications/videosuiteinterface.desktop20:10
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:12
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*** junaid has joined #harmattan20:12
payou think the stock browser uses the desktop file to launch video suite?20:12
lpappladoga: what project are you working on?20:13
ladogai added desktop file for .torrent there (in defaults.list) and now stock browser launches it20:14
*** junaid has quit IRC20:14
ladogaso i guess the same goes for stock apps20:14
*** junaida340 has joined #harmattan20:15
ladogalpapp: none20:15
junaida340how r u20:16
paladoga, ah thanks20:18
*** jaywink has quit IRC20:19
*** junaida340 has quit IRC20:20
ladogaand in .local/share/applications/lftp_torrent.desktop i have "Exec=meego-terminal -n -e /usr/bin/lftp -c torrent -O ~/MyDocs/Downloads/"20:20
ladogaso when i click torrent link on default browser lftp starts to download/seed the file20:22
ladogalftp has inbuilt torrent client :)20:22
*** rcg has joined #harmattan20:23
ladogaso in defaults list you can change browser actions to what you wish20:26
*** ortylp has quit IRC20:26
ladogathough it affects file browsers too20:27
ladogait's been overcast here (Helsinki) for so many days. I'd like to try how accurate then free look (magnetormeter/accelometer orientation) in stellarium-n9 is20:34
ladogavery nice app, but still no annouce thread on TMO20:34
SpeedEvilif you can see that, that is20:34
ladogathere's only sun briefly above horizon at midday20:35
ladogaand position is not really visible20:35
ladogait's been snowing many days now20:35
* SpeedEvil is at 56N.20:36
SpeedEvilthat's far enough up for me.20:36
ladogayeah. this darkness is very tiresome20:36
DocScrutinizer05honestly not a good day to troll me20:37
ladoga :)20:37
lpappDocScrutinizer05: why not? :p20:39
lpappladoga: lots of brightness is very tiresome, too.20:40
ladogathere are some better days to troll Doc then there are some worse20:40
*** TMavica has joined #harmattan20:44
ladogaSpeedEvil: scotland?20:48
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