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njsfSo I solved my google talk issue01:57
njsfit was an IPv6 issue01:57
njsfprobably my WiFi router, since it was enabled there and it was offering a routable address, but I think it wasn't ...01:58
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ladogathis new stellarium qml port is really nice :)11:50
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ladogathere's no offical announce thread on tmo so it's easy to miss11:52
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Elleoladoga: oh that's handy, thanks for pointing that out12:02
Elleothe previous port missed out on lots of useful stuff like accelerometer based tracking12:02
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ladogaElleo: yes, the tracking was most important for me too12:09
ladogaand it's very well implemented in this one12:09
ladogayou can zoom to view invidual planets + their moons and filtering algorithm filters away vibrations12:10
ladogawhen FOV is fractions of degrees it becomes very important12:11
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ladogai just made a blank terrain for myself. small one color png with upper half transparent, so no need to use that mars ground image (others feels bit resource heavy)12:14
ladogaat night uniform black ground texture doesn't really matter as the ground is almost black anyway12:15
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ladogalandscapes are in /opt/stellarium-n9/share/landscapes/12:17
ladogaexcuse my monologue. i'll go to grab some food. :)12:19
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Lava_CroftI seem to be unable to get rid of the "Data storage full" error when syncing my calendar with either MfE or CalDav.13:13
Lava_CroftI have already deleted the entire calendar db13:14
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vcamelbluehi, i'm trying to enable the developer mode, but he say that is impossible to found  the package...18:41
vcamelblueand stop installation18:41
djszapi_try later18:48
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vcamelbluei'm traying at least 3 h... :/ is bossible to install the package with .deb?18:52
djszapi_not really.18:52
djszapi_try tomorrow for instance.18:53
qwazixanybody with a PR1.2 N9 around?19:01
qwazixbtw no N9's anymore on RDA?19:02
qwazixthey got a friggin N81!19:02
qwazix(also protip: there's a 64gb 512mb N950 on rda)19:03
suosaaskirda? :)19:03
qwazixnokia remote device access19:03
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qwazixI'm desperate to find a pr1.2 N9 to test rawcam as the ovi QA reports that they can't launch it19:04
qwazixit launches ok here on pr1.0, pr1.2 (N950) and pr1.3 N919:04
qwazixI don't know what to do and they don't provide any log or something helpful19:04
qwazixjust, I can't launch19:04
suosaaskiok, so rda... is it anywhere the same place that navifirm downloads images?19:05
qwazixNow I can upgrade my PR1.0 N9 to PR1.2 but I don't want to...19:06
qwazixrda is
qwazixinfobot, rda is Nokia Remote Device Access and can be found here:
infobotqwazix: okay19:07
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arceanqwazix: I've done some tests with the N950 camera's lens and for sure it has f/2.8 28mm19:10
arceanmoreover, the focal lenght data in exif (jpeg from camera-ui) is wrong19:10
qwazixarcean, who said otherwise?19:11
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arceanmany people and the exif :) ^19:11
qwazixwhat does exif say?19:11
arcean35mm focal length19:12
arceaneven on n950-beta devices19:12
qwazixseems wrong anyway. I suppose that's 35mm film equivalent focal length19:13
qwazixbecause I expect something like single digit real focal length taking into account the size of the sensor19:13
arceanhmm maybe19:13
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qwazixmicro four thirds focal length on the default lens fully zoomed out (about the same fov as a mobile) is 1419:15
qwazixbut if we are talking equivalent to full-frame then 28mm seems about right19:16
hoco24Hi, is there a general recommended start point to learn about harmattan system and app development for it? bought my n9 yesterday.19:21
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qwazixhoco24, harmattan-dev website19:23
hoco24i study computer science, know java programming, but lack app Dev experience  :-)19:23
hoco24thank you19:24
qwazixDownload Qt Sdk from here
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qwazixThe N9 is probably the easiest device to code on available for sale today19:25
hoco24sounds great. thanks! any other channels than this one, too?19:27
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qwazixYou are welcome to #nemomobile in case you'd like to try a new OS on your N919:31
hoco24I'll note that, but for now i like the stock one.thanks for the advice!19:33
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qwazixhow do I force replace system packages (open-mode)?20:05 dpkg -i /path/to/file20:06
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello qwazix :)20:32
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gabriel9what is the event for orientation change for page?22:20
gabriel9is there one in QML22:21
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qwazixI think there's no one but you can bind on the onWidthChanged event of your page22:34
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qwazixhello, Sfiet_Konstantin!22:35
qwazixgabriel9: and then check if width>50022:36
gabriel9qwazix: thanks22:37
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gabriel9every event is fired two time :/22:41
qwazixgabriel9, which events?22:44
gabriel9that event22:45
gabriel9when i rotate device it fires 4 time22:46
qwazixI'm not sure I used it directly but I don't recall anything like that.22:47
gabriel9sorry 3 times fired22:48
qwazixBy the way if you just want to change layout or something, it's better not to use the event, but bind everything with the ternary operator to the width of the page22:48
qwazixfor example value: page.width>500?something:somethingelse22:48
gabriel9nice one22:49
qwazixThat's better than using the event, first because you don't have to care about how many times it fires and second because it's live and even if you miss one rotation things will not go fubar22:50
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gabriel9yes you are right22:50
gabriel9error: Expected token `:'22:51
gabriel9i get this error when i paste that line in page element22:51
qwazixehm, let me see22:51
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qwazixsee this
njsfIs there any mp3/mp4 metadata editor for Harmattan ?22:54
qwazixit's about the same thing, changes no of columns depending on orientation22:55
gabriel9wait i need to check it22:55
qwazixTo make sure the event fires 3 times is not your fault (maybe on rotation the page passes from a transitional value of zero width or sth), you could start a new project with only one page and a console.log on the widthchanged of the page (or maybe even the PageStackWindow) and see how many times it fires22:57
qwazixOn the link I gave you there's a variable on line 35 called isPortrait bound to the conditional width > height. On line 74 there's just a binding with the conditional being the 'isPortrait' variable22:59
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