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jonnievil_core: only patch that is needed is the disable of module checksums, and even that one is only needed if you want to use same modules than stock kernel. If you install your own custom modules, then there is no patching required.00:22
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jonniand there is ofcourse those aegis easing patches, but those are just for people who dont know how to use fixed origin00:23
evil_coreI was reading many posts, but I even don't know how to use that N9 thingy00:25
evil_coreI wasn't sleeping all night and I am i nvery bad condition. But its not easy to brick phone to staqte when flasher will not help, right?00:25
jonniyou can basicly always reflash the phone, only thing where you can brick the phone is when you are messing with CAL blocks00:27
jonnibut normal people don't luckily even know what they are :)00:27
evil_coreI was reading somewhere that flasher will not work if partition table is changed, is that true?00:28
jonniwell that depends, you can force flasher to repartition with a special command ;)00:29
evil_corewhen kernel is broken I need to reflash? Or maybe I can access somehow from linux?00:37
jonniwell if its really broken then ofcourse you need to reflash to fix it, but yes you can access your filesystem with rescue kernel if needed00:41
Palijonni, hi00:41
jonnibut kernels dont get broken by miracle :)00:41
jonniPali: hi00:41
Palijonni, are you allowed to look at 0xFFFF documentation file about fiasco format and tell if is correct?00:43
evil_corejonni: but 1st I need to install such rescue kernel, right?00:44
evil_corerescue kernel is initramfs with minimal system, or something like that?00:45
jonnievil_core: no you dont, you can load rescue kernel only in ram without installing it00:45
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evil_coreI need to install only rootfs.bin, or emmc too?00:51
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evil_corewhats the best kernel?01:01
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evil_corehow much space all continent maps will take?01:13
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evil_coreare there Karaoke players reading mp3+g and midi files?01:47
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louisdkI can't login to my root account on my N9(50) any more. It has the same custom password as my user account but now I can't login.12:34
jonnilouisdk: login to root is disabled by default12:35
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jonnifrom ssh12:35
jonnior is your comment that your devel-su doesnt work anymore12:36
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ladogais there any working timelapse photography app for N9?12:41
ladogai just tried fastmotion pro, but it just fills ram+swap and freezes the OS12:41
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ladogaor maybe there's a way to focus and capture photos from the command line12:45
evil_coreHarmattan upgrade via flasher took ~1-2min, can I safely power on device?12:45
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evil_coreand/or disconnect it from usb12:46
ladogashouldn't it automatically turn on?12:46
ladogacould be wrong though12:46
bluefoxunless i'm mistaken, the command line should tell you that it's all done too12:46
evil_coreUpdating SW release12:46
bluefoxlast time i flashed it, it rebooted once you pulled the usb cable, but that was with the N950 flasher (not N9)12:46
evil_coreand exited12:47
evil_coreI was resading that it can takie 30min12:47
evil_coreso power on it, right?12:47
evil_coreits n912:48
evil_coreso can IU disconnect it from USB now?12:49
bluefoxshould be just that, but i can't say with certainty as i haven't flashed my N9 since PR1.3 was released (which was a while ago, so i don't remember)12:50
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evil_coreso maybe somebody got USB 1.1 or other problems12:52
jonniif flasher said success on the commandline output, then its save to press power on.12:52
jonnialthough it should automaticly start if there is enough power12:53
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evil_coreI had to disconnect it first12:54
evil_coreit works12:56
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ladogaVSZ:823m %VSZ:83.0  %CPU:5.5 /opt/fastmotion/bin/fastmotion13:02
ladogaand when it reaches 90%+ the phone will freeze13:03
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ladogaquite pathetic for paid app13:05
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ladoga100% reproductible13:05
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louisdkjonni: devel-su doesn't work either. Although I had worked before. root and user has same password, so I don't get it.13:54
jonnilouisdk: in tmo forum you can find deb package that resets root passwd13:55
jonnilouisdk: in worst case you have messed up your refhashlist&aegis permissions and you need to reflash, but if you just have forgotten the passwd then that reset package does the trick.13:55
louisdkjooni: Are you talking about this:
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evil_coreI cannot do that14:04
evil_corepermission denied14:04
evil_coreFresh PR 1.314:04
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, what's the shell you provided once called?14:05
MohammadAGthe one with all credentials14:05
evil_coreas root == devel-su?14:08
ladogaevil_core: you cannot do what?14:11
louisdkjonni: The flasher tool worked :)14:12
evil_coreI wasntable to extracto to /home/user from root, but from user it works14:13
evil_corenow when cp'ing modules, it cannot preserve ownership14:13
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, remember facebook real time updates you showed me?14:14
MohammadAGapparently, they forgot to add notifications to the list of supported nodes14:14
MohammadAGso Sociality might get push14:14
ladogadevel-su "root" doesn't have permissions to write in /home/user14:15
MohammadAGthe problem is, I suck at PHP or anything related14:15
MohammadAGCouldn't save 'user': Application cannot subscribe to notifications bah14:16
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ladogaevil_core: you'll see $ and # indicating if command needs to be done as devel-su "root" or user14:17
ladogaevil_core: untar part is with $ so needs to be run as user14:17
evil_coreok, thanks14:17
evil_corebut in  OpenMode root will be unlimited as real linux root?14:18
jonniopenmode root is as limited as closed mode root14:18
jonnithere is no difference14:18
evil_coreflasher -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin -k  vmlinuz- --flash-only=kernel --suppress-warranty-warning -f -R14:19
jonniofcourse you can use opensh or similar if dir permissions bother you14:19
evil_coreI must do that in dir with vmlinuz- file?14:19
evil_coreor is it taken from device?14:20
ladogais  --suppress-warranty-warning if one has done "# disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode"?14:20
ladogai don't have the warning and don't remember issuing it14:20
evil_coreladoga: according to forum posts yes14:21
jonnisuppress-warranty-warning if only for flasher stdout printout, it has no affect on device14:21
ladogasorry. i meant, is  --suppress-warranty-warning flag necessary*14:21
jonnithat is totally useless command, and you dont need to add that parameter14:21
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: you see :)14:22
evil_corebut what about neebut what about mine question?14:22
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, read two lines after that14:23
MohammadAGit failed14:23
ladogaevil_core: good question14:24
evil_coreWARNING: bad kernel format in vmlinuz-
ladogalooks like it found it:)14:25
evil_coreladoga: no, I copied that file into local folder14:26
evil_corebut "bad kernel format" is scary14:26
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: you failed but it's doable14:30
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evil_coresomething went wrong, I have only "Nokia" image14:34
evil_corecdc_phonet can be blacklisted?14:35
ladogaso it booted up?14:36
evil_coreit boots, but don't want flash :/14:37
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, I wish :P14:37
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evil_coreI cannot flash it, works as /dev/sde14:49
evil_coreI am not in Open Mode, could it be problem?14:50
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evil_coreUSB device found at bus 001, device address 090.14:57
evil_coreDevice identifier: (null) (SN: N/A)14:57
evil_coreError opening USB device: Permission denied14:57
evil_coremultiple tries, and it bootups normally14:58
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evil_corefor some reasone it quitted from root ;-)15:05
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evil_corebut now phone doeen't boot up15:08
evil_coreshows nokia, and after 15seconds it power off15:10
evil_coreit can be because it cannot find modules(kernel-plus)?15:10
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evil_coreanybody using kernel-plus on n9?15:17
evil_coreOr maybe I can install other kernel for open mode?15:17
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infobothmm... aegis-no-thanks is, or, or
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