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p2x_hey guys00:39
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valdur55When you don00:46
valdur55show this command output: grep "My" /etc/fstab00:47
valdur55damn.. i readed scrollack and didn00:48
valdur55noticed that, it was old question00:49
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knobtvikeranybody around?16:57
knobtvikernobody actively here... :)16:58
* knobtviker sits and waits...16:58
thedead1440hi knobtviker :D17:01
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knobtvikeri'm not often here. am i missing out? :)17:03
thedead1440sadly no17:03
knobtvikerah i see17:03
knobtvikeri'm lookong for some help for Brkn and me17:03
knobtvikersomebody that knows how to make a persistant status bar icon, like Joikuspot does?17:04
knobtvikerany recommendations...?17:04
thedead1440looking thru apps installed on my device i realised not a single one adds an icon to the status bar17:08
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knobtviker@thedead1440 only WiFi Hotspot does that. made bay Joiku17:28
thedead1440yup i meant 3rd party apps not pre-loaded ones :D17:29
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lpapphi, anybody from the UK?20:25
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SpeedEvillpapp: yes20:36
lpappSpeedEvil: which part?20:38
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lpappSpeedEvil: have you ever been to Brighton?20:41
radiofreeit's pretty nice lpapp20:43
radiofreea lot of students though20:43
lpappradiofree: I am considering the relocation to there.20:43
radiofreefor work?20:44
lpappah yeah, there is the university there.20:44
radiofreewell.. why else ;)20:44
radiofreeyes it's certainly a nice place to live20:44
lpappI mean it is not so big as London.20:44
radiofreeproperty/rent might be a little pricey though20:44
lpappbut I have been told by friends who lived there, it is dirty, noisy, etc. :p20:44
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lpappradiofree: outskirt is ok for me like Lewes.20:44
radiofreeheh, well, it depends on what you like to do, there are a lot of bars there :)20:45
lpappI can bike to the centre and coast at the weekend.20:45
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lpappperhaps I could even bike to London at times :)20:46
radiofreewell yes.. it's only 50 miles or so20:47
lpappthat is actually interesting miles is used more for the UK as far as I see...20:47
lpappat least google maps...20:47
radiofreeyes, you'll have to get used to that, non of the signs will have km on them20:48
radiofreebut on the plus side you do get a pint of beer rather than 500ml20:48
radiofree(an extra 68ml!)20:48
lpappI am a no drinker. :p20:48
lpappbut the salaries are no so bright as in Brighton up to the north. :]20:50
lpapplike Manchester and Birmingham'ish..20:50
lpappWarwick, etc.20:50
lpappof course there are exceptions, but still.20:50
radiofreesalaries are better up north?20:51
radiofreeManchester, Birmingham and Leeds are all much bigger cities20:51
lpappwell, at least not in my experience.20:52
lpappthey have very poor salaries for the same responsibilities.20:52
radiofreeyes it depends on who you work for, you have to remember the cost of living (e.g rent) is much higher in the south20:53
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lpappThat is ok. How much snow do you have in England?20:54
lpapp(getting off-topic conversation :)20:54
radiofreenowhere near as much as helsinki ;)20:55
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lpappin Ireland, we have about none.20:55
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radiofreevery little in the UK, especially Brighton20:58
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minecraft_house_i can not get on a server21:06
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suosaaskiSo... can anyone help with an issue with Wifi and Facebook? If I use wifi, and log in to facebook, and then get out of range for the wifi, it can't seem to reconnect to facebook via 3G no matter how often I try. A reboot solves it...21:50
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