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Creteilhi all00:23
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CreteilI have buy a N9 black 64GB to my gf, I have exactly same upgrade as mine, however there is a strange behavior ...00:24
CreteilIn settings -> Security -> device lock she didn't have same options as mine for 'autolock' and 'numbers of try'00:26
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Creteilmoreover for the 'numbers of try' option she have only the choice '5', where on mine I have '10' '20' '50' and 'Unlimited'00:28
Creteilmaybe reinstalling the package corresponding to this part can fix the problem, but how to find the package name ?00:29
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jonniCreteil: if your gf has work mfe, it can force the security settings, like numbers of try.00:58
Creteiljonni : TRUE !!! I have installed last week mfe account for is work ...00:59
Creteildamn ...01:00
jonni(in which case re-enabling the settings requires a bit trickery, using exploited capas etc)01:00
Creteilis there a way to disable this behavior ?01:00
jonniCreteil: well there is a way, I've hacked my N9 to ignore mfe provisioning messages. But I haven't seen that hack beeing released in anywhere public, so currently there is no public way to disable it.01:01
Creteiljonni, I mean is there a way to leave the mfe account configured on is device but to have all options for the security option panel ?01:02
Creteiljonni, is it hard to apply your hack ?01:02
jonniCreteil: that depends how on the company who has set the restrictions, she could ask his IT admins to change policy, but I bet that its there intentionally.,01:03
Creteiljonni, any chances you explain how you hacked your N9 to ignore mfe provisioning messages ?01:04
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jonniCreteil: hard, it requires patching system binaries, like devicelockd, wiping out mfe provisioning messages from aegis filesystem etc, so most likely its very hard to follow my steps unless you know the system really well.01:05
jonnieasier solution is just to reflash the device, and not use mfe.01:06
jonniand if mfe is required, then just live with the stricter limitations.01:06
Creteiljonni, I have already managed to patch system file and put new signature of the patched file ...01:07
Creteiljonni, for example to increase the emoticons size since I don't use open kernel ...01:08
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KleggasMorning (or evening, depending on where you are). Would someone be up for testing a n9 app I wrote?. I am mostly after someone who has not developed anything in python for n9 and therefor not having pyside installed, to see if I cought all dependencies I want/need, as my phone is kind of cluttered with python stuff. Install, start - report back if work or not. If someone got time :)10:19
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mgedminwhat does the app do, Kleggas?10:25
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Kleggasmgedmin: its a client for a trading network10:29
Kleggasmgedmin: to buy and sell stuff. the things I want to test is with it is mainly that it installs on a phone I have not touched, and starts up etc10:30
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KleggasI have uninstalled the dependencies I think I need and they all installed when I installed the app, but I want to make sure there is not something else I put on my phone that I forgot to depend on, and therefor forgot to uninstall10:33
Kleggaswould make it not work then on other phones10:33
mgedmineh, my n950 is at home10:33
mgedminand I think I've already got python on it10:34
Kleggaswell, would be good to teest on n950 also though, or any phone that already got python, but best would be a kind of "basic" installed phone :)10:35
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KleggasOh the time flies by. Perhaps someone joined that want to try an app for n9? :) I am looking for someone (1 or more) who want to try my package. Install - run - report back, to see that it installs OK not just on my device. If you keep it, remove it, or anything doesn't matter. it connects to a test-server anyway atm. Let me know :)14:30
valdur55Kleggas, give a shoot14:31
valdur55Kleggas, i am ready to test your app.14:32
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Kleggasvaldur55: great :)14:37
Kleggasvaldur55: let me just find somewhere to upload it for you14:37
Kleggassomewhere I can connect to from within the companies firewall....14:38
Kleggasvaldur55: not that easy it turns out, can not reach any of my servers from here. You got some mail I can attach the package to? :(14:46
Kleggasthanks, emailed it14:50
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heymasterhow to convert byte value to string which acts like byte ? (qml)16:11
heymasterstring formatted like byte value16:12
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Kleggasheymaster: loop over the chars and use: ord(ch)?16:14
heymasteri have byte value 0-25516:15
heymasterwhich need to sent through string like a byte16:15
heymastermaybe i can try to send like two symbols hex value16:17
Kleggasah ok, I read that too fast, sorry.16:18
heymasterKleggas: ok, no problem :)16:19
Kleggasso, once you got your bytes, say '97' and '98' and '99', you want to put them in one string, but being able later on (the receiving side) to get them back in chars, so just adding them one by one would mess it up a it would be string "979899" which wouldn't say which digits belong to a new byte?16:19
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heymasteri get strange numbers o receiver side16:24
heymasteri will try to send "aa"16:26
Kleggasheymaster: '' + str(ord('a')) + str(ord('b')) + str(ord('c')) -> '979899'. If this is what you do (or something like this) to make the string, then you do not know if the first byte (example) is 9 or 97. 1 digit, 2 digits, or even three? a starts on 97, d is 100. so some will require you to convert 2 of the digit, some 3. You can see it on asciitable.com16:27
Kleggasso you will have to make some way to delimit the string, like: '97, 98, 99) and then use that16:28
Kleggasto get it back to a char, use chr(97) -> output 'a'16:29
heymasterKleggas: I'm using sendStringData(). I tried to send "aa" and getting on arduino 00040970970004097097 .. Maybe because string has different encoding ?16:30
Kleggasheymaster: oh, then no idea, havent tried that16:30
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heymasterKleggas: everything OK. I fixed :)16:31
heymasterI was using print method, but not write on arduino side16:32
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heymaster << with N9 i can control led brightness through bluetooth :)21:54
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djszapi_so Jolla switched to Tizen?21:54
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heymasterdjszapi_: what you think ?21:54
heymastercontroll led brightness through bluetooth. just 1 day simple hack :)21:55
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djszapi_heymaster: neat :-)21:58
heymastervery simple :)21:58
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heymasterdjszapi_: jolla switched to tizen ? :D21:59
djszapi_they thought of android as well, but they remained with Tizen in the end :D22:00
heymasterdon't see on they twitter that they switched to Tizen :)22:03
djszapi_it is not yet announced :D22:04
djszapi_I am leaking the information. xD22:04
Elleonah, I heard they're changing CEO again and switching to Windows CE22:05
djszapi_well, it is not so simple to exceed Elop :D22:06
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njsfDoes Tizen have Qml and plain Qt ?22:19
djszapi_unsure if what that question means...22:20
djszapi_unsure what*22:20
njsfLet me restate then22:21
njsfIs Tizen a HTML5 _purist_ environment22:21
djszapi_try to restate again.22:21
djszapi_it is Linux..22:21
njsfor will it allow apps developed with Qml22:21
njsfYes, but that is the kernel22:21
njsfthere is a lot of other stuff on top22:22
njsffor instance, is the display X11 ?22:22
djszapi_hopefully not.22:22
njsfThen it is not as open right ?22:22
djszapi_but most likely there is some compatibility.22:22
njsfyou can't just recompile anything22:22
djszapi_unsure what you are talking about :D22:23
njsfyou'll have to port to their display technology22:23
djszapi_as if X was the only open source project :D22:23
njsfit is NOT22:23
djszapi_and wayland would be a M$ closed stuff, you are putting it that way...22:23
djszapi_no, you do not have to..22:23
njsfI'm talking about the corpus of OSS around with GUI22:23
njsfthe Linux ones, rely on X1122:23
njsfif you don't have that, then you'll have a hard time porting22:24
njsfif you want to code in a UI toolkit it has to have bindings to the display technology22:24
njsfQt has for X1122:24
njsfso if it is Linux and X11 then sure, no issue22:24
djszapi_I think you should just read upon Qt, especially qtwayland...22:24
njsfSo what you are saying is that Tizen uses wayland ?22:25
njsfThen I don't get you. I wasn't being confrontational or anything. Was not demeaning any project.22:26
djszapi_I am saying it supports wayland and X.22:26
djszapi_but pushes wayland forward of course22:26
djszapi_as X is a very very, and very old and obsolete technology.22:26
njsfOk, great.22:26
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njsfNo disagreement there. Just your reaction was way overblown IMO.22:26
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djszapi_faenil: so why did Jolla switch to Tizen? :O22:41
tehdelyjolla switched to tizen?22:41
tehdelyman i miss all the news lol22:42
djszapi_yes, today.22:42
djszapi_not announced yet, just leaked. :-P22:42
tehdelyi take it QT is out, then22:42
tehdelywill any major platform be using qt?22:42
faeniloh come on djszapi_ please shut up ;)22:42
djszapi_tehdely: if you make a major platform out of the thin air, yes. :D22:43
tehdelywhat is the main toolkit for bb10 (assuming that is ever released)22:43
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tehdelyi am most curious right now about bb10 + firefox os22:43
djszapi_oh, I should get the playbooks distributed, this reminds me...22:43
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djszapi_got 15 from RIM :D22:43
djszapi_is getting*22:44
tehdelyi'll take one ;)22:44
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heymasterdjszapi_: yes X11 big protocol, want to try to implement it?22:56
djszapi_thanks, but no thanks :)22:56
tehdelyfuture windowing systems will be written in node22:57
* tehdely ducks22:57
heymasteri implemented simple vnc and then looked at X11 docs :D vnc is very simple22:57
heymastervnc without input22:57
djszapi_who cares about windowing system come on...22:58
djszapi_guys you are not geeks :D22:58
heymasternerds ? :D22:58
heymasterwhy implement X11 is not geeky thing ?22:59
heymasterit's like back to roots :)23:01
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heymasterI think is geeky thing to implement virtual machines or protocols. and not apps run on them.23:03
djszapi_good night guys23:04
djszapi_happy hacking hours :-)23:04
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heymastergood night :)23:05
djszapi_aka. HHH ;)23:05
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