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njsfjv3245: what about using apt-get -d <package-name> to make sure you have it locally00:47
njsfthen you can dpkg -i /var/apt/archives/<package deb> ?00:48
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djszapihi all01:03
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jv3245njsf thanks for that reply i just read it now01:14
jv3245ill try that01:15
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lpappsup guys01:24
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paordered an n9, got made in china..01:41
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pawhat to do?01:41
paif i contact nokia, do they swap it with a made in finland one? :S01:41
jv3245whats wrong with made from china01:43
jv3245besides its not like other brand phones are not made from there01:43
jv3245well unless yours is a fake01:44
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pano i guess it's original02:16
pabut i dont want to support the made in china02:16
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pathat's why i bought an N9 in the first place, and thats why i would like to swap02:17
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jv3245well theres a way to find if its fake and if its from what country02:24
jv3245mine is made in singapore and still im happy^_^02:28
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pahow do you find it it's fake?03:21
pait looks original to me..03:21
ZogG_laptoppa: everything is made in china03:22
pai dont care.. it was still written "made in finland" and it would make me happy :)03:23
pabut yea, everything is made in china03:23
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pait seems ok03:37
pathe only thing that seems not to work is the screen color profile03:37
pai change it but it looks the same in all the 3 profiles03:38
paby the way, what firmware is 006?03:38
paoh now its ok03:40
paapparently it works only if i reboot03:41
paon my other phone it changes immediately03:41
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ZogG_laptoppa: u bought another phone or u got one u won?03:54
pano, another one03:55
ZogG_laptopwhy did you?03:55
pafor my sister. i decided i dont want to give her an n950 :)03:55
ZogG_laptopis it 4th or 3rd one?03:55
pahmm.. including the n950 it would be the 4th03:55
ZogG_laptoppa: so the one u won is n950?03:55
pabut i didnt get it yet03:56
ZogG_laptopu got it already?03:56
ZogG_laptopoh u faster03:56
paactually i still have to communicate my address03:56
ZogG_laptopcheck that u linked developer account in nokia sites ( it has now one account) and that it didnt mess ur address03:57
pathanks! night04:00
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djszapibeford: 'lo06:52
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djszapilearning pythin.06:53
djszapiit is a cool scripting language!06:53
befordpython is nice :)06:54
* RST38h promptly throws up at the mention of Python06:54
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befordit's not perl at least06:55
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djszapibeford: true :p07:56
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Lava_Croftscripting languages: for when religion is too esotheric10:26
FlameReaperLava_Croft: That's a conflict of two looping instructions there.10:34
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DocScrutinizer06Any of you who feel like being part of *maemo* community might also consider to stand for Maemo Council election! Nomination period extended til 28. of this month, please consider to nominate and convince others or do a self-nomination. See
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: who are you taling to ? :)15:33
jv3245whats the council does?15:34
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djszapijv3245: read their promise.15:37
djszapifor the election.15:37
rashm2khaving a little issue getting my app to run in the Qt simulator - is not installed15:38
djszapirashm2k: you do not have a question.15:38
rashm2kQuestion is how to fix it?15:39
rashm2kWhat files I do I need to check?15:39
rashm2kWorks fine if I create a new Qt Quick Project15:39
djszapito be honest, I do not understand that statement. :)15:39
rashm2kwell I get this error module: "" is not installed15:40
djszapifor what?15:40
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rashm2kwhen i try to run my application for the Simulator15:42
rashm2ksee error output:
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rashm2khere for compile output:
_Kili_Hi, I was about to create a small application for N9 but I failed on the first step15:47
_Kili_I am not able to set the device to developer mode15:47
_Kili_Is this a common problem? I seems to stop downloading the files15:48
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_Kili_It has downloaded 1.4megs of 3.715:49
_Kili_I have tried many times many days15:50
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* _Kili_ found some answers in the log:
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paany ready made app to backup and restore wireless networks (setups/passwords) ?20:17
pai mean, except the built in backup feature that i would like to avoid20:17
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njsfDocScrutinizer05: not enough karma :)21:18
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DocScrutinizer05njsf: a lot of karma comes with linking your tmo account to your garage account21:27
DocScrutinizer05most users never cared about doing that linking21:28
njsfHow does one do that ?21:28
DocScrutinizer05check garage, I think it should tell how to do it. Sorry I have no proper URL at hand right now21:29
njsfok, no prob, I'll give a quick look21:29
njsfIf my coomunity page on already shows Garage I suspect they're already linked ?21:31
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njsfI think I found it21:37
njsfthe talk and community accounts where not linked21:38
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njsfAnd for other people wanting to do it:21:41
paok found the tool QAD something21:41
njsfdescribes how21:41
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: a lot of karma comes with a lot of responsobility :)21:43
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njsfI have neither :)21:46
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ZogG_laptopnjsf: you want to vote?22:10
ZogG_laptopif you link account it takes time to recunt karma afaik22:10
ZogG_laptopso u should day it before voting22:10
njsfZogG_laptop: no, I have already voted for years now22:10
ZogG_laptopnjsf: for Obama?22:10
njsfjust answering DocScrutinizer05 call for Council candidates22:11
njsfZogG_laptop: nope, definitely not eligible for that one, and wouldn't vote Dem nor Rep anyway. Birds of a feather those 2 parties...22:11
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ZogG_laptopyou want ot be council?22:12
njsfNo, I actually don't, but he prompted me to know my full karma22:14
njsfI don't think I would be useful in Council22:14
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