IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-10-05

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deztructorhyvä yöta :)01:07
djszapi_deztructor: it is an English channel, not Finnish. :-)01:08
djszapi_but yeah, good night.01:08
deztructordjszapi_: but i am not finn by myself ;) so, why not :)01:09
djszapi_I have not said you would be Finnish yourself.01:10
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djszapi_wow, I have not thought it is unintuitive to draw a circle in inkscape.08:56
djszapi_it was a few seconds action in mspaint.08:57
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deztructordjszapi_: it depends on what modifier buttons ru clicking09:05
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djszapi_not sure what you mean.09:07
djszapi_1) Select circle drawing action09:07
djszapi_2) Draw the circle09:07
djszapi_in inkscape:09:07
djszapi_3) Done09:07
djszapi_1) Select the "circle drawing action"09:07
djszapi_2) Draw the circle09:07
djszapi_3) You have an opaque area surrounded by the circle09:07
djszapi_4) What then?09:07
djszapi_I have been trying to research for about half an hour.09:08
djszapi_I would not call this as usable as mspaint.09:08
deztructordjszapi_: and it is not unintuitive, it depends on what u want to get :) also any option is available. inkscape is some kind of pro-tool for _vector_ graphics, so it has wide capabilities. mspaint - basic _raster_ drawing app, if u want it on linux use corresponding apps but not inkscape09:08
djszapi_that was few seconds to discover this action intuitively without reading any documentation.09:08
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djszapi_if one needs to read a complex documentation for this, it is just b0rked (TM)09:08
djszapi_it *is* unintuitive.09:09
deztructordjszapi_: no, i am sorry, ur wrong. try to use any pro tool like adobe illustrator etc.09:09
djszapi_it is not a matter of taste, it is a fact.09:09
djszapi_I do not consider myself or others I asked, stupid.09:09
deztructordjszapi_: for me it was intuitive ;)09:09
djszapi_it cannot be found easily -> unusable.09:09
djszapi_you are talking nonsense.09:10
djszapi_1) You argue instead of giving a solution09:10
djszapi_2) You try to prove I found the action, when I did *not*.09:10
deztructordjszapi_: it is a matter of knowledge: inkscape is basically not a hobbyist tool09:10
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djszapi_yes, it seems a rocket science for drawin a simple primitive...09:10
djszapi_sure super intuitive...09:11
deztructordjszapi_: there are different mspaint-like apps on linux, use 'em09:11
djszapi_so it *is* the graphics tool for pro tools, but it cannot even draw a simple primitive?09:11
djszapi_also, I do not see what point you are trying to make.09:12
djszapi_2) Fact09:12
djszapi_1) Did not provide any help.09:12
deztructordjszapi_: ur aggravating, it can draw and for anybody working with vector tools it is intuitive new primitive will be drawn with last drawing attrs09:12
djszapi_perhaps you are just arguing for the sake of arguing.09:12
djszapi_so I will let you so.09:12
djszapi_sure the user not finding a tool usable is "aggravating" and not the tool should be improved. :)09:13
djszapi_very good reaction for a user feedback...09:13
djszapi_good luck to this software...09:13
djszapi_shift-ctrl-f is not working...09:14
djszapi_like said...09:14
djszapi_that is *NOT* a circle.09:14
djszapi_that is a circle plus the area surrounded by it.09:14
djszapi_I hope you see the BIG difference between the two...09:14
djszapi_I wonder if others here find the "draw circle" action in few seconds?09:15
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deztructordjszapi_: ??09:15
djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: hey09:15
djszapi_deztructor: meh09:15
deztructordjszapi_: not a circle? what do u mean? ru trolling?09:15
djszapi_deztructor: I do not wish to talk to you.09:16
Sfiet_Konstantinhey djszapi_09:16
djszapi_I am trying to solve a simple problem for a deadline, and you call the users "trolling".09:16
djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: do you have inkscape installed?09:16
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deztructordjszapi_: what is it?
deztructorright upper corner - attrs09:17
djszapi_deztructor: sorry, I lost my interest.09:18
djszapi_I do not wish to argue with you.09:18
djszapi_in addition, dropbox is forbidden here.09:18
djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: I wonder if you find how to draw an arc in inkscape09:19
djszapi_in few second09:19
djszapi_I was unable.09:19
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Sfiet_Konstantinnope, I suks at Inkscape09:21
djszapi_okay, so it is not just me not finding, thanks.09:21
djszapi_so apparently the problem is not just with me. :-)09:21
djszapi_I will try to use tuxpaint.09:21
djszapi_niiiice, it was 1-2 seconds in tuxpaint.09:23
djszapi_to click shape, select circle, draw.09:23
djszapi_very cool!09:23
* deztructor thinks djszapi_ is too aggressive and negative to get advice from anybody :P09:23
djszapi_deztructor: please stop trolling.09:24
djszapi_you did not say any solution09:24
djszapi_and you offended the user having a bad user experience.09:24
djszapi_and then you keep doing so.09:24
djszapi_it does not help!09:24
djszapi_say that, you do not know, and the tool is not made for drawing simple primitives or the usability is bad.09:25
djszapi_if that is the situation.09:26
djszapi_it is not a problem, I will note it.09:26
deztructordjszapi_: u started from arguing, i replied that u wrong. to get an answer people should start from simple question instead of abusing tool and its creators09:26
djszapi_but arguing about that it is intuitive and I have not found for half an hour, and in few seconds in mspaint and tuxpaint, that is not too helpful.09:26
djszapi_why is a feedback abusing?09:26
djszapi_why do you have to defend the authors instead of improving the situation?09:26
djszapi_aren't you a bit stubborn?09:27
djszapi_anyway, I will stop this as it has no outcome anyways09:27
djszapi_no solution presented, and the user is called "abusive".09:27
dm8tbrdudes if you don't stop I'll boot you both. EOD09:27
deztructordjszapi_: because it is not feedback. if ur e.g. not coding in c++ and is trying to write a program in a seconds...09:27
djszapi_seems it is intuitive in Krita as well.09:31
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djszapi_ftr who do not wanna get pain in the future: it seems selecting the X at the bottom is necessary.09:42
djszapi_see you draw something unwanted, and then you have to remove that.09:42
djszapi_unsure how the mind associates with X, but whatever.09:43
djszapi_so it seems shapes inherently have fill and stroke by default even if you do not wish to draw such primitives at all.09:44
djszapi_it can apparently be done also in the color dialog which is not shown by default ole.09:51
djszapi_arguably that may be clearer except that there are tons of options there to bother the user with.09:52
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Dante_JIn case anyone missed it:09:55
Dante_JJolla goodness - and an SDK on the way09:55
djszapi_lot of promises...09:56
* Dante_J nods09:56
djszapi_just like many other companies previously :)09:56
djszapi_do not hold your breath yet.09:56
Dante_Jwe'll see if any come true.09:56
Dante_JThey have been rather serious getting the VC $ together09:56
Dante_Jand intelligently are pitching to China / HK first09:57
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djszapi_we saw such stories in the past :)09:58
djszapi_nothing new. ;)09:58
djszapi_What we know, blackberry is out, they have devices, etc.09:58
hiemanshulol, djszapi_ is jealous they didn't ask him to join lol09:58
djszapi_Dante_J: there might be airplane tickets for 900-1000 EUR if I am lucky.10:11
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Dante_JI'm just saying I'm patiently watching how Jolla goes. Time will tell. An SDK when released is not nothing.10:12
djszapi_but the talk acceptance for the mobile session does not provide free ticket to the linux au conference as a whole unfortunately, thus I would need to get into the volunteering team.10:12
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djszapi_Dante_J: oh and another thing, Qt4 is getting the past for new businesses soon.10:12
djszapi_so I am not too interested in their 4.8 stuff :)10:12
djszapi_it is slow by its nature.10:13
djszapi_as it does not use the opengl backend unless they hacked around as harmattan did, but that is a *huge* hack.10:13
Dante_JIMHO, it would be nice to keep Meego alive, in real handsets in live usage.10:15
Dante_JCompetition is a good thing.10:15
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djszapi_Dante_J: IMO a community driven project would be better.10:16
djszapi_like a debian based project, or like the raspbian and raspberry pi project.10:16
djszapi_and not where a company says what will be in the product and what not, behind the scenes.10:17
djszapi_but I am afraid, we do not have enough manpower for that, so yeah, we have to align ourselves to what they can provide...10:17
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Dante_JA bit of something is better than all of nothing10:18
Dante_Jand the community are not that far away10:18
djszapi_why not?10:19
djszapi_you get to raise your opinion in Jolla which is even considered?10:19
djszapi_just as much as with Nokia and Intel. XD10:19
djszapi_I do not see how it is different this time.10:19
Dante_Jthere is a lot of latent support for harmattan/meego10:19
Dante_Jand if people see a future for it, they will act10:20
djszapi_I went through the same iteration few years ago :)10:20
Dante_JMany potential harmattan/meego developers are currently waiting to see what Jolla are up to.10:20
djszapi_same thoughts etc about the needs.10:20
djszapi_and many are not.10:20
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat changes, I think, is the size of the company10:20
Sfiet_KonstantinJolla is smaller, more agile10:21
Sfiet_Konstantincloser to community10:21
* Dante_J nods10:21
djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: I do not see that happening really.10:21
Sfiet_Konstantindoes Nokia or Intel RT small blogs covering Jolla info ? Or stupid memes made by commnity ?10:21
djszapi_let me show the public Jolla decisions.10:21
Sfiet_Konstantinwe will see10:21
Dante_Jif Jolla treat the community & developers with some care, then they stand to win in the long run. They will inherit a whole ecosystem10:22
Sfiet_Konstantinif Jolla is another Nokintel, then too bad for them10:22
djszapi_then why are you stating these as facts as of now?10:22
djszapi_or if it is really "soon" at all?10:22
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, I feel Jolla to be warmer10:22
djszapi_it is an unfact10:22
djszapi_and nobody knows if it really comes to that10:22
djszapi_we heard this too many times from many companies.10:22
Sfiet_Konstantinjust because they have their twitter feed that is really close to community10:22
Sfiet_Konstantinanswering quickly, supporting communities initiatives10:22
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's all10:22
Sfiet_Konstantinit is a personnal feeling10:22
Dante_JJolla are also more 'hungry' than Nokia or Inter were/are10:23
Dante_Jthis is a good thing10:23
djszapi_but what *type* of questions do they answer?10:23
djszapi_that is exactly my point10:24
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat do you mean ?10:24
djszapi_can we have a discussion about decisions?10:24
Sfiet_Konstantinoh, on twitter?10:24
Dante_Jdjszapi_, you may be correct - this may be all hot air. But hope is not a bad thing, and Jolla are making some of the right moves.10:24
djszapi_open, and so forth.10:24
djszapi_Dante_J: I had these hopes too many times :)10:24
djszapi_I will believe if something is here.10:24
Dante_Jwith Nokia?10:24
djszapi_BB already proved their stuff10:24
djszapi_not just nokia10:24
djszapi_Intel, etc.10:24
djszapi_industry was industry years ago as well :)10:24
Sfiet_Konstantinat least, there is not that heavy management around developers, preventing them to do their job10:25
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djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: nobody prevented at Nokia to do my daily job.10:26
djszapi_in fact, they helped when we were in the same enthusiastic mood.10:26
Sfiet_Konstantininteresting to know10:27
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Dante_Jhey khertan_10:30
djszapi_I know it is a hot topic for many meegons having this project as a first big hope in their lives.10:31
khertan_Dante_J, hey !10:31
khertan_Morning all !10:31
djszapi_but it is probably different for those who went through such hopes in the past.10:31
Dante_JNice to see you in the IRC flesh10:31
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning khertan_10:31
khertan_Dante_J, my computer is often on irc, me less :)10:31
Dante_JJust run Eliza on your computer then ;)10:32
Dante_JI need to go, bye for now all10:34
* Dante_J waves10:34
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* djszapi_ too10:39
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djszapiplease drop a +113:47
djszapiwe need this for KDE :)13:47
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*** jluisn has joined #harmattan21:21
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:31
parzr, do you use rsync on the device?21:31
paor.. does anyone use rsync? i tried it now, it shows me the list of files to transfer correctly, but it doesnt transfer anything21:32
rzrpa yes i do21:34
rzrrsync -avx / root@host:/tmp ?21:34
rzrit works21:35
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan21:37
TronicIs it possible to unlock N9 without passcode from operator?21:40
Tronic64 GB white is on sale but unfortunately these are locked devices.21:40
jonniTronic: if they are simlocked, then no, only way to unlock them is to get unlock code from the operator. If they only have device lock code, then its a different matter.21:41
TronicWell, not the only way, apparently. There are a lot of websites that sell codes.21:42
jonniTronic: those codes dont work for N9.21:42
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC21:42
TronicHow about Inception?21:43
*** FRep is now known as FlameReaper21:43
Tronic(the sites claim to work with N9 but I am not really willing to give my credit card number to such sites)21:43
jonniinception cant help, simlock data is checked in secure pa, and inception nor userspace nor kernel have access there.21:44
jonniwell they can claim whatever they want, but even the N9 phone dialer doesnt allow all the letters from the website unlock codes to be entered in the UI :)21:44
TronicI see.21:45
jonniofcourse if you have factory phoenix flasher with superdongle you could replace simlocked cmt with unlocked one, but I havent seen anyone leaking that one. So sort answer is that its cheapest to get it from the operator, they usually dont cost that many euroes.21:48
TronicThanks, I'll see what I can do (if even the device is still available).21:49
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan22:08
djszapiWhat is the requirement for transferring data between my pandaboard and linux host with an ethernet cable? The same range?22:08
djszapiIP range, that.22:08
djszapijonni: ^22:08
parzr, i wanted to use it from the host22:11
jonniyep should be enough just to be same c-mask and have netmask. (although on some older machines you need crossed cable if nic doesnt autoswitch)22:11
palike rsync user@phoneip:/home/user/MyDocs/DCIM/ /whatever/on/the/PC/22:11
jonnipa: that works too, altough in that case you need to have installed rsync with right capas.22:12
panow i see why it doesnt work then22:13
pai installed with apt-get from (most likely) rzr repos22:13
padoes it have wrong capas?22:14
*** natunen has quit IRC22:15
jonnino idea, havent used rzr repo. I compiled custom rsync for me and tweaked capas untill everything worked and I installed package as so it would match the rest of the system ;)22:18
paah i see22:18
pai guess that pkg is not available, is it?22:18
djszapijonni: or is it simpler to transfer data between the pandaboard and my XP over the microusb port on the board?22:19
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan22:20
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC22:22
jonnidjszapi: most likely rj45 is the simplest, then maybe wifi usb dongle, and then usbnet over microusb.22:23
djszapijonni: I did not have an IP on the pandaboard though22:26
djszapiand dhcpcd did not seem to be installed.22:27
djszapiit is running ubuntu, so I wonder...22:27
djszapithis pandaboard cannot be connected to the internet as we get the ethernet "access" based upon mac addresses.22:27
djszapiI know the macchanger util can modify that, but I would not like to violate the company policies.22:27
djszapiso what can I do?22:27
djszapiaside from usb pen drive carrying etc22:28
djszapiI thought ubuntu would have a dhcp client by default. Do you still use the dhclient stuff?22:28
djszapiI am unsure if the pandaboard could get an IP from the host PC after all.22:28
djszapias I am not good at this area.22:28
djszapiI would just like to carry data between the pandaboard and host PC; that is all. :)22:29
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan22:30
*** aquarius has quit IRC22:30
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:31
*** jaywink has quit IRC22:32
djszapijonni: ^22:34
jonniconnect to usb-serial adapter, and use the ttyUSB and minicom to connect to getty? :)22:36
jonniand setup ip's manually22:37
djszapinot sure what you mean22:37
djszapiI have a display and I can control the OS by connecting the keyboard and mouse to the board.22:37
djszapior by using an usb cable between the board and the display so that the touch gets working.22:37
djszapiresisitve, I think.22:38
djszapi what do you mean by "setup ip's manually"?22:38
jonniwith ifconfig command :)22:38
merlin1991ip addr something works aswell ;)22:38
djszapijonni: so just set up the ip manually on both computers without dhcp?22:39
djszapibut I guess I will still need sshd running?22:39
jonniand most likely pandaboard doesnt have dhcpcd, as busybox based distros use udhcpc22:39
djszapiubuntu is not quite busybox based :-)22:40
jonniwell if your panda has ubuntu, then you can just install whatever client you want :)22:40
djszapibecause that is not allowed to connect to the corporate server by policy.22:41
djszapionly the desktop PCs.22:41
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:41
djszapiI do not have problem with the manual setting if it is trivial and simple to get work.22:42
djszapibut I presume I would still need to use ssh, right?22:42
jonniwell in that case setting ip manually, then getting second network adapter like usb network card, or wifi network should do the trick22:42
jonniyes you need to install sshd22:42
djszapiusb network card. why?22:42
jonniif your machine is connected to internet as the same time, and dont want to disconnect22:45
djszapiwell it is not a problem for disconnect for a few seconds or minutes.22:48
djszapijonni: also, my host is Windows XP22:51
djszapican I somehow bypass the host to the vbox (linux)?22:52
djszapior can psftp be used for this stuff?22:54
*** rm_work has quit IRC22:55
jonniscp / rsync should work just fine22:55
djszapi'scp' is not recognized....22:56
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan22:56
djszapiajalkane: sup sir lumia guru22:56
ajalkanesup mr djszapi22:56
ajalkanethe wife fell asleep. I'm free to do the naughty things I do.22:57
jonnidjszapi: heh, ofcourse if you want to do it in the hard way, you can just use tar & netcat pipes ;)22:57
djszapijonni: I am more thinking of psftp22:58
djszapiI used that last time for uploading the rekonq installer to winkde.org22:58
djszapiunsure if that works with ips as well.22:58
djszapiit has a bit different interface than scp.22:58
djszapiand the other way around (from the pandaboard to win xp) sounds even more painful idea as I have no clue how to set up the ssh server in there.22:59
djszapiwell, I thought people would use Windows here as well.22:59
djszapiwhat do they use when we "scp" on Linux?22:59
*** furikku has quit IRC22:59
ajalkaneputty's scp23:00
djszapinow actually thinking of it.23:01
djszapiI may just use my N9 as a data transferring stuff in mass storage mode.23:01
djszapiif the pandaboard can be host.23:01
djszapiwhich it can.23:01
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan23:01
djszapiof course that is totally forbidden by company policy as well :)23:02
pawell, i could probably repackage rsync binaries from rzr pkg with right capas.. jonni , may i ask you at least what capas you said you needed to get it working properly?23:02
djszapino warez in rzr repo thanks23:03
pai repackage that for myself, no rzr repo man23:04
djszapiit is not about that.23:04
djszapiI wanted to emphasize it before any ominous thinking.23:04
djszapiwe will play fair there.23:04
paok apparently it works.. i must have used wrong syntax23:14
pacool :)23:14
*** _xnt14 has quit IRC23:16
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*** _xnt14 has joined #harmattan23:20
djszapipebkac :p23:20
*** jaywink has quit IRC23:24
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ieatlintthat's often where my problems tend to occur23:43
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan23:45
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan23:47
* ieatlint enjoys the calming sounds of a squadron of F-18 fighter jets repeatedly flying overhead23:50
rzrwhat is the problem w/ rsync ?23:52
rzrwhat capa do you need ?23:52
rzrrsync server ?23:52
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:58
parzr, nothing, it actually works very well :)23:58

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