FBReader with Page Buttons

A tiny fork

FBReader is a wonderful e-book reader for many platforms, including the Nokia 770 and Nokia N800.

Here you can find a reasonably recent version of FBReader imported into the Bazaar version control system, and my branch of it that adds previous/next page buttons into the toolbar.


The novelette in the screenshot is available online at the author's website. I recommend it highly.


These are split into separate feature branches, for easier review and merging.

Upstream source tarball imported into bzr

bzr get https://mg.pov.lt/fbreader/upstream fbreader

Note that FBReader upstream uses Subversion these days.

Branch for the next/previous page buttons

For convenient tapping.

bzr get https://mg.pov.lt/fbreader/toolbar-scroll fbreader-toolbar-scroll

The difference between upstream and this branch:

Source for the new 32x32 icons:

Possibly not suitable for upstream merge because other devices do not have enough space in the toolbar for the new buttons.

Other branches

All have been merged upstream. Yay!

My branch

Merges all of the above.

bzr get https://mg.pov.lt/fbreader/mg fbreader-mg

The difference between upstream and my branch:

Source for the new 32x32 icons:

Workflow description and build instructions


Installing patched FBReader

Simplest way is to click on this single-click install file.