IRC log of #europython for Thursday, 2008-04-10

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Aistehi all, is there going to be a meeting today?12:40
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MrTopf_Hi Aiste13:45
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Aisteright, I still do not know if there's going to be a meeting today or not?18:55
mgedminI expect that nobody knows19:03
mgedminlaura is on holiday and isn't organising doodles this time19:04
Aisteook, so I tell what i have found out19:09
Aistethere is no additional fee for having booths/tables in the lobby for companies wanting to advertise19:10
Aisteit is possible to have company logos in the conference rooms but only stuck to walls and only with bluetack, so anything that bluetack cannot hold -- does not work19:10
Aistei think that was more or less what people needed me to find out19:11
jezdezhi there, I wonder how I can help at this point?19:55
mgedminhelp with europython?  the first step would probably be subscribing to the europython-improve@ mailing list and announcing your intentions19:57
jezdezmgedmin: ok, done :)20:14
MrTopf_I was wondering how it might look with having a dedicated line for video streaming21:20
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